FreedomWorks Gives Freshman Republicans Tips For Dealing With Medicare At Town Halls
FreedomWorks has a message for freshman Republicans in Congress: Do not shy away from the Medicare fight.

Get out there and talk to people. Hold town halls at senior centers and other areas where the population is especially concerned about their benefits being cut. Take the lessons of ’94 and ’95 and get out there and explain to people that their immediate benefits will not be affected
Translation ... we're not gonna screw You we're gonna screw your kids and their kids after that

We need to dispel the myth that if we leave Medicare alone it will stay the same
Translation ... Vouchers are good when you're 85

Don’t bury your head in the sand. Republicans must not shy away from this issue.
Translation ... Talk over people when they yell at you

Communicate that Democrats do not have a plan of their own. Hold up a blank piece of paper as a powerful image of their do-nothing approach
Translation ... Gloss over the fact that we voted no on the Affordable Healthcare act

'Scuse me .... but you have some Astroturf in your teeth icon_wink.gif