Occasionally I stop at Subway for one of their $5 subs. Usually the footlong meatball but more often the Veggie Delite.

Here's the thing.. all the subs have always included 4 slices of cheese EXCEPT the Veggie Delite always had 8 slices.. I suppose to make up for all that meat you're not getting..

Last time I visited they only put 4 slices of cheese onto the Veggie sub and I asked where the other 4 were and she told me it was their new policy and they are charging for the other 4 slices.

Okay but then how come I'm basically getting a meat sub that comes with 4 slices of cheese MINUS all the meat..

So I emailed Subway and got this response.

Thank you for your comments!!

The formula for the veggie delight does not have cheese on it. It is just veggies, if you look at our menu board it is called a veggie delite and there is no cheese in the picture or mentioned on the menu. You do get more veggies than a normal sandwich with meat. We do put 4 pieces of cheese on the sandwich with no charge. Unfortunately the cost of products have gone up dramatically which we have no control.

Thank you again for your comments.

Now also,, the part where he says you get more veggies than a normal sandwich with meat? Since when? I've eaten there hundreds of times at locations everywhere and they've never limited anyone to how many veggies they can have on their sub. Anyone?