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I am gay and have long been involved in playing, organizing, and supporting gay sports organizations, and I am ashamed of NAGAA’s rules.

It’s long been the law that a private organization has First Amendment rights, even if that means allowing them to have discriminatory rules. But that doesn’t mean the rules are good. Please let’s stop distinguishing between gay vs straight players. Masses of gay sports teams thrive without relying on outmoded rules limiting how many players must be gay, have gay sex, or must enjoy or declare how much gay sex they have.
Our organizations should be an example to the world of how all that is irrelevant?

I would be embarrassed to play on team that is so heterophobic that they adopt such rules. I cannot justify them to my straight teammates. Nor can I fathom accepting straight teammates for lower level matches, but then excluding them for national championships.

NAGAA’s rules treat straight players like people whose sporting prowess is so much greater than gay people that straight players must be rationed. They assume that straighter (or more closeted) teams are bound to be better, and must be made illegal. They assume that straight players’ disruptive influence is so great that their presence will destroy gay sports.

Rubbish! End the Spanish Inquisition! Let everyone play in gay sports if they want to! If NAGAA wants a rule against “ringers” being drafted to teams on the eve of the national championships, then adopt THAT rule. But don’t rely on an outmoded discriminatory rule as a cheap shortcut.