What you see here is that "managers and administrators" as well as "owners and proprietors", the groups that do most of the hiring, are significantly and increasingly more likely than average to vote Republican. This raises a fascinating possibility: that Republican-leaning businesspeople freak out when Democrats are in power. Let's call this "partisan regime uncertainty". Now, maybe there is a good reason Democrats in power make Republican businessfolk afraid to make a move, which would help explain the relatively dramatic flight of owners and proprietors away from the Democrats. Or maybe individuals most likely to run a business are also most likely to fall for empty, right-wing free-market rhetoric, and this has made them increasingly likely to see Democrats as forces of socialising chaos. I don't know. In either case, we get partisan regime uncertainty.
If Republican-leaning business owners aren't hiring or expanding for objectively idiotic ideological or self-interested reasons, it remains that they aren't hiring or expanding. In that case, the partisan idiocy of America's conservative business class is hurting the economy, not Mr Obama's policies. But it might remain that, holding policy constant, we'd be better off economically with a Republican president. There's a maddeningly unfair "heads I win, tails you lose" quality to this possibility, but it seems to me a real one and well worth considering.

That may be one reason I'm voting for Mitt Romney. As I said before, "heads I win, tails you lose."