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    Jun 06, 2011 10:02 AM GMT
    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of setting myself up as a freelance graphic designer, and i was hoping to get your opinions on some of my work before I launch my website.

    I'm not limiting myself to design as I also enjoy digital illustration and photographic repair and restoration, which is what i want your opinion on today.

    Have a look at the images below and please give me your honest opinion of them.

    Illustration & design work to follow.

    Thanks Lee Turnell.

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    Jun 06, 2011 2:44 PM GMT
    The first picture seemed to have to much white exposure (if that's the term) for me. I had to squint a bit to see it clearly. It's a totally different colour to the original, is that because your restoration is the colour that the film came out as originally?

    The wedding photo looks awesome. The original looks like it has more red and it looks like you toned it down and I don't know which one I prefer (the red makes the flowers 'pop' more and the groom seems to be blushing but yours is more natural like you were there with them). I'd probably go with yours. That's weird that the two copies of the photo has damage on opposite sides of the image!

    The school photo looks great. The kids freak me out though. I shouldn't have looked at this picture before bed icon_eek.gif

    You did a fantastic job. It'll definitely goes well for you.
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    Jun 06, 2011 4:33 PM GMT
    They look good. Only so much you can do with them I'm sure. Good thing that groom didn't move in that second picture! Nice job merging them together.

    You could make some folks very happy to have photos this close to the original state.
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    Jun 06, 2011 4:41 PM GMT
    The first one does seem a bit over exposed, but the wedding couple stitch is fantastic! Go for it. There is a high demand for restoration as families seek to digitize their aging collections.

  • LJay

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    Jun 06, 2011 6:00 PM GMT
    Yes, the first one seems a bit too white. Sort of changed and not restored.

    The wedding picture, to me, could be toned back just a bit. The couple looks just a little to modern in coloring. Also, notice that the dress in the first shot has an angle at the hem and in the finished pic the angle is gone and the dress just carries the fold right on down to the ground.

    The class picture is the most successful to me. flaw gone, but era retained. The kids are captivating. Yes, a little creepy in a way, but the photo seems to retain its own story.

    Very good start. Keep at it.