I was looking at some articles on pimples and how to prevent them. I found this:

Another helpful measure: A daily clyster with warm water

Another important and helpful measure is a daily clyster (enema) with water of body temperature. The best time is before going to bed in the evening. By adding 0.9% of salt to the water, it gets the physiological salt concentration of blood and tissues. This makes the clyster easily tolerable. To do it, one lays down on the left side. Take only a quantity of water in which is possible without feeling pressure. When you buy the equipment in the pharmacy, ask the pharmacist; he or she will explain to you in detail how to do it.
The daily clyster allows to eliminate every matter by natural way from the final section of the bowel. So all contents of the complete bowel can move on, no constipation can happen, and no toxins can develop anymore. Even, if you feel it is good for you, the clyster can be done in the morning and in the evening, for an unlimited time of days, weeks, months and years, without any disadvantage.


I'm going to stock up on some summer's eve!