Marathon Training 101 ??? - Please help

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    Jun 08, 2011 2:47 AM GMT
    Hey guys I need some help - I am planning on doing my first marathon, but i dont really know how to train for it... can you guys help????

    Hydration // what do you guys to stay hydrated during training and marathon day

    Training // Does anyone know of a good running schedule???

    Weather Training // any tips to run in the heat... and to run in the cold??

    any other recommendations or things i should know/? anything helps! thanks!
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    Jun 08, 2011 5:30 AM GMT
    Training, running and finishing a Marathon was one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. So far I have only run the one, but I plan on more, it’s addictive.

    I did a 25 week plan and it worked out well, until I got the flu about 2 weeks before, but I survived and did well. 25 weeks will start out slow and get more intense as it gets closer. The big run days are most important. Make it your goal to just finish your first one, thats a huge accomplishment as it is.

    I trained completely in the cold (my marathon was in April). Under armour type stuff really helps, but layer up.

    As a tip I would buy new marathon shoes at least 3 or so months before hand. Also, don’t add anything to your outfit on the day of or in weeks before. I added new shoe inserts on the day of and that was not a good idea.

    Don’t forget the Ipod and choose a song that when you get down and think you can’t finish will boost you up.
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    Jun 08, 2011 5:43 AM GMT
    I try to stick with the 10 degree rule: dress as though it's 10 degrees warmer than what it is. I'll usually warm-up outside to get my body adjust to what the temperature and the humidity or wind chill is like.

    Adding some cross training to my program has helped me and it also breaks up the easy and hard running days.
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    Jun 08, 2011 6:07 AM GMT

    I did a my first trail marathon about a year and half ago, great experience and training...elevation was definitely tiresome, going from 100 feet to almost 2000 feet, and then repeating itself.

    For Training try this website - it helped a lot in the schedule.

    Hydration - either invest in a good camel back pack, but use more of the refueling stations to get you going. Also, carry some needed fuel with you so you also get accustomed eating while you are in mid stream run or close to a station. I do not like the goo gels, they are to nasty to eat in the sense of the immediate sugar rush you get.

    Weightlifting and Core Workout essential - ensure that you incorporate weigh lifting and core workout remember that you will be running for an extended period of time, ensure that you have a strong abdominal area for support, it will get tiresome, but you want your core to be strong to carry you through...the worst feeling is if your legs still have energy but you start to have back pain or just muscle fatigue in your upper chest and shoulder areas.

    Mental Stress - be prepared that at some given point your mind will want to stop...they call this breaking the wall sort of essence your mind will want to stop, it happens to all runners. It can occur at any given mileage, therefore train for long run during your weekends, and your short distance runs during the week. For me it was at mileage 22 that I hit the wall, and just had to push myself to continue going.

    Clothing- what everyone has already stated..nothing new the day of the race, for quick gear cold weather/warm change get some running sleeves...such as, this can easily be put on if its too cold or taken and store away while you are running.

    After the race, you will be very soared ensure you continue to hydrate properly through out the week. Try to soak your muscle in Epson salt or use of a hot tub, preferably with a hot man (lol). If you can get a compression outfit that will help with muscle recovery, even better. Also, you will be extremely hungry which is normal, just pace yourself. On my given race per my heart monitor I burned 3800 calories.

    Lastly, enjoy and tell us how you of luck.
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    Jun 08, 2011 6:17 AM GMT
    Number one goal is to have fun!! In the end, that is all that matters. Use your training runs to figure out your hydration needs; unless you are running a trail race or other unique marathon, there will be enough fluids on race day. I like to schedule long runs where I will go by water sources every 20 minutes or so. 10 degree rule is a good one as far as temperatures are concerned. Just remember, although it may be 60 degrees at the starting line, it may well be 85 at the finish. Personally, it has to be below 15 degrees or so to be too cold to run outside, but anything over 75 degrees, and I am running indoors. Everyone is different in that regards. As far as training, if you can get your weekly long runs up to 18-20 miles by one month before the race, you will be fine. Everything else you do training-wise is the difference between simply finishing and finishing within a range that your workouts will lead up to. There are dozens of great marathon workouts; just find one that works well for your schedule. has some decent training routines. Just remember, having fun is goal number one!!