Don't know what to do, can someone clarify all the ambiguous info out there? What is the formula for size?

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    Jun 10, 2011 1:47 AM GMT
    Been trying to put on muscle for such a long time but can never seem to reach my ideal weight, which would be 185 and Im currently 165 standing at 5'11.

    Currently working on p90x but just seems like theres too much cardio involved to gain the mass I want but trying to compensate by doing a 6 reps of heavy weight beforehand until I feel thoroughly exhausted and 8 reps of moderate weight/green bands throughout.

    So whats this formula? More calories in vs less out and reduced cardio or compensating the calories lost when performing a lot of cardio? How can I integrate some of p90x, while swimming intensively two days a week (replaced plyo and kenpo with it) to achieve the mass that I want? I dont care if it happens gradually but my goal is within a year, 18 months max.

    The amount of conflicting information out there tends to get in the way too. I never know whether to do 15 reps or stick to the 6-8 for the mass that I want. Always seems like the information is changing to the point that 6-8 will either be for strength or size and the 15 reps gets the same classification. Such ambiguous info, and not really sure what to follow.

    Getting a bit discouraged as Ive been working out since I was sixteen and at this point Im almost 21, but due to lack of consistency have never been able to get to my goal, and due to these lack of gains it's the discouragement that throws me off as I think Im not doing it right or as effective as it could be.

    Generally I want size but I also want a balance of strength, definition and endurance. I could go through cycles of bulking and cutting after I finish p90x but Ive never really been taught how to so if someone can refer me to a site or even share your own info Id appreciate it.. Doesnt help that I have no friends who are in that great of shape.

    Could also use a list of effective workouts that work for strengthening the hip flexors, I usually experience a lot of pain (not slight discomfort) and tightness when attempting ab workouts that involve lower back and hip muscles, like bicycles and leg raises.

    I workout at home and only really have a pull up bar thats mounted via chains to the ceiling, a bench, threaded barbells and dumb bells. Dont tend to do any cardio except swimming, as running causes asthma to flare and kills my knees, if I run it's mostly high intensity in short bursts. Doesnt really seem like genetics for size is really there either as most of my family gravitates to lean muscle and no one is really over weight, despite not working out.
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    Jun 10, 2011 2:35 AM GMT
    The "Big Three" compound lifts are the best exercises you can do to gain overall strength. They should be the staples of your workouts:
    -Bench Press

    Try Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength Program, and find a knowledgeable person to show you how to do the lifts with proper form (this is REALLY important!).