Texas Republicans Lambast the President for Their Own Incompetencies

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    Jun 11, 2011 2:51 AM GMT
    There is an article from the Huffington Post about Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison claiming the White House has a bias against Texas. This is in regards to funding to help pay to fight off the wildfires.

    I'm going to post a response from one of the members who shined a light as to why federal funding has not been as much as the Republicans wanted:

    I live in Texas, but I am not a Texan. The reason Texas did not get a declaratio­n on the wild fires is because they received a huge grant to prepare for fires, purchase equipment, plan for expenses, and to keep it for just that. They received a much larger portion of the grant money than past experience­s would have indicated that Texas should receive. That was out of funds that Perry and the Republican­s here in TX soundly berated. However, when the fires started, it seems that all that grant money had not been used as it was intended to have been used, and the money had not been banked to pay for expenses, and Texas had somehow "lost" that money and didn't use it as it was intended to be used and had not kept the funds to pay for expesnses. Imagine that. All the FEDS said, and that was under Federal rules which Texas just doesn't seem to accept o understand­, was come up with the resources you were given, and then you will be awarded additional assistance once you can demonstrat­e what you did with the rest and devote your own funds which the state should have as a result of that grant, and then ask for more. Texas, and Perry, could not or would not do that, so they were turned down for additional assistance­, which is reasonable­. That is not a bias, that is making Texas live up to its' obligation­s and stop illegally taking money and then not using it for the purposes intended, as they do so often, and then wanting bailed out by the FEDS and the President, whom they routinely bombast and rail against. These people have called thre President a terrorist and questioned his legitimacy and then they want him to kiss their behinds. Perry took stimulus money for schools, after he stood up and said he absolutely wouldn't take it, and used it not for schools, but to balance the budget in the previous budget, and then he more or less used the stimulus grants for firefighti­ng in the same manner, and then he wanted money to do the things which he was supposed to have done but didn't. That is not BIAS.

    Here is the article:

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    Jun 11, 2011 3:18 AM GMT
    This is so typical of the far right christian fundamentalist politicians who will use and abuse any situation they possibly can to gain politically. These kind of tactics though, are a winning strategy for them and they know it, they also know that whatever lie they put out there first, will get the most attention and when the victim of their tactics tries to get the truth out he or she is made to look like a whining fool. Rove would be proud of them, I'm sure he didn't invent these tactics but he sure put them to work for his buddy Bush and I guess Texas just cannot get break with old habits.