I realize there are threads that have addressed the Tracy Morgan rant like http://www.realjock.com/gayforums/1614716 . I didn't want to hijack this thread or others but I wanted to start this one to talk specifically about celebrities in general who say hateful things about gay people.....and what would be the appropriate response to bring about positive long term change.

First off:

To answer "Why are you singling out celebrities?"
Answer: Because this is what seems to be the topic of the moment aka Tracy Morgan.

To answer "Why are you singling out the "gay population" when there is rampant hate directed towards minorities of all kinds?"

Answer: Because...hate directed towards gay people is of concern, for the most part, to those that are part of this website dedicated to "Gay Fitness Health and Life". Something we probably all share to some extent.

So....a celebrity goes off and says hateful remarks about gay people aka Tracy Morgan, Michael Richards etc.

What do you think should be the response? Who do you think is the person(s) that should make the response?

Reading threads and there seems to be a lot of resentment that apologies are "not sincere", responses from management "not enough". I am not disagreeing.
What I am wrestling with is what exactly would be the most appropriate action to bring about some sort of positive long term change in hateful behavior.

One part of me wishes that instead of firing someone like Tracy Morgan for his remarks, the public....so outraged would simply stop watching "30 Rock". The moral of the story- continue to have someone on your show who says hateful things and pay the price. The public has spoken.

But then again, in Tina Fey's response to this particular situation she points out (perhaps cleverly?) that there are a lot of people involved in "30 Rock" who are gay. So.... boycott the show? End the show and you will hurt gay people. I am trying to figure out Tina Fey's sincerity vs. calculation in her response. It is nothing short of brilliant either way.

So what to do? Would firing someone like Tracy Morgan for what he has said or done result in anything positive? Is there anything that he can say that would be a sufficient apology?

Your thoughts please....