Gay Bashing and terrorism, do you know how to spot it? 101 fucking over terrorists

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    Jun 15, 2011 6:47 AM GMT
    if someone is being harassed publicly, gay bashed, victom of malicious hate speach, ridiculed in front of others do you know what to do? it could happen to your favorite porn star, your brother, sister mother, or that old troll you didnt ever give any attention to......what do you do? how do you spot it? who do you tell?

    I call this the art of heavens amnesty

    when someone is realised as a victom of being persued by a group of people bullying, then it is time to get involved, the worst thing one can do is turn a cold shoulder, that is your possible friend, that is someones lover, brother, father, son,

    when someone who is presenting themselves in an irrational manner for a period of time, and society is concerned, a group of people the whole community respects (not charity) respects....sober individuals for example....
    would lead this persons rescue

    get into that persons life, learn about them and introduce them to one person for everything you like about that person, and be sure you mention their good qualities in front of other people, when they are being introduced to these people, this could take months, one by one the most respected people in the community introduce this person to their peers, in front of others and brag about their successes, and good qualities, not mockingly either, those who excel at mocking the victom are your enemy, and will one day get sent away or shot (if someone is in that state where that person is that afraid, people are not going to fuck around, especially your friends and peers and loved ones

    by helping that person be in a social atmosphere that is healthy, they can make their exit away from the people or persons who are doing them endless disservices of slander, hate speach, gossip, or "jealousy"

    the life lesson as to how a terrorised person is realised is always different, the way to handle it is always the same

    you dont know that person, so whats your problem
    all these people are concerned or should be are they?
    you are that person,
    be human, get involved
    they are wrong, they are shit, dont ever back down od foing the right thing
    to have your enemy psychologically rule over you and show everyone that you are wrong as well, as you can see you can be the victom of that as they are going through it, before it is realised, while it is being realised, and then after it is realised

    people make mistakes, there is no point in socially airing someone elses dirty laundry
    those who do are guilty as sin
    7000000000000 people all saying the same lie calling themselves professionals, are still liars, and participating in a conspiracy, wars are often fought over injustices done to someone that has been done an injustice already, stolen business idea, plajerised novel, etcetera, people war over money, its never personal, often its the fact someone stole something and tried to get away with it, and didnt want it realised

    dont ever back down from doing the right thing to the people who have no good answer as to why they are bothering someone for no reason, contact the respected leaders of your community and begin the steps to heavens amnesty

    part of it is a bit of a social sting of reintroducing yourself to that person,
    kind of like positive stalking them after you have met and been introduced, with them knowing they have support and their peers are keeping an eye open

    never hide from these people, or society
    bring it up that you are a victom, again and again
    dont care, they are wrong, you are the song and dance screaming love you all, look at me, i have nothing to hide, and one by one society will realise how accurate that is, stages of hurt or paranoia and the grand fuck you whoever is hiding among my friends and future lovers, in my home.....

    so what is your problem with someone you dont know?
    thats right you sniffed a fart and went to suck a shit out of a skunks ass
    and now everyone who ever kissed you has a bad taste in their mouth

    bring it up, make signs, sing and dance, and have the time of your life, be social, funny, nice, give out compliments, be an exaggerated emotion to societ so they can rate their progress.....
    if they suck at this let them know, give the world the middle finger, and bring it up again, these people are wrong, dont back down, her ei am in the middle loving you, pleading my case of love
    and that fuck you was for them, dont take it personal.....

    oh and be a fucking total bitch about it when you realise the injustices done....
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    Jun 16, 2011 10:03 AM GMT
    Yeah, I think you'll be banned within a week.
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    Jun 16, 2011 10:39 AM GMT
    HOLY SHIT, it's the reaper!

    This site he links to and calls his "fan club" in a photo caption of his SCREAMS reaper, and the video on the bottom left begins just like every reaper video. Candles, etc. too, just like Stewie/Reaper had a near-fetish with. Poorly made video, occult imagery, aggravating noise in the video... REAPER, or a damn good impersonator.
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    Jun 16, 2011 5:30 PM GMT
    There is a $25,000 reward for the Long Island serial killer........
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    Jun 16, 2011 5:54 PM GMT
    The thread title gave me an idea: Let's make all the gay bashers believe all terrorists are gay, and send them over there to take'em out.