WEINER WOMAN: Weiner Asked Me To Lie About Our Talks

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    Jun 15, 2011 7:17 PM GMT
    Weiner "has wardrobe demands?" icon_eek.gif

    Ginger Lee said she and Weiner exchanged about 100 emails between March and June, beginning after Lee posted a supportive statement about the congressman on her blog. She said they mostly discussed politics, but he would often turn the conversation to sex.

    "'I have wardrobe demands too. I need to highlight my package,'" Weiner wrote Lee, in an email read aloud at the news conference by Lee's attorney, Gloria Allred.

    Weiner sent Lee an email after the photo of his crotch was sent out on his Twitter account, and "he asked me to lie" about their contact, she said.


  • Bigolbear

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    Jun 15, 2011 8:16 PM GMT
    Okay, you are going to have to masturbate to this photo with a Clockwork Orange device strapped to your eyeballs to get you over this mad Weiner obsession:


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    Jun 15, 2011 8:33 PM GMT
    I'm sure he would of bragged even more if in fact his little weiner, was in fact that big. But that weiner also still has it's hood, also unlike that Weiner; who's such a creeper..........