what did i ever do to you?
just wondering.....

are you getting paid to victomise innocent people?

just wondering......

and what the fuck do i want?

how about a thank you..... how about a job well done? how about an oh my fucking god are you ok? how about did he just prevent a terrorist attack?
how about? is there something i can do to make this person feel better about living in his own country?

what do i want?
iwanna know
what the fuck did i ever do to you?

just wondering?

police brutality
hate speach
psychological attacks
ostocised sexually

Im a fucking nobody
im a civillian
im a victom of 13 shitty things at once

so im just wondering, what did i ever fuckin do to you?

was it i brough tup the fact i was tortured and terrorised, and you looked at that like i was a snuff film?

was it the fact i prevented a terrorist attack, before the east indians assisted the us military take down bin laden, co ordinating things over the telephone?

are you jealous?
do you hate me because im psychologically fucked up due to terrorism you may be responsible for?

just wondering?
what did i ever do to you?

need to make a friend?
i was yours that whole time
and you refused to help me in every singl e fucking possible way
and americsa can fuck off too, for riding my curtails of my success and no rewarding those who participated due to being caught in their worst fucking nightmare for 25 years

what do i want

How about an appology and a thank you
and im gonna be a boitch about it
so fuck you