This is religion, there will be no non believers: the death of cleopatra and the birth of a pope

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    Jun 16, 2011 9:03 AM GMT
    story of the fashion industry, aka the story of fuck off

    a long time ago was a man who was claimed victom by the war crime of seduction
    he could never prove it as it was happening to him
    excluded from his own successes and accomplishments
    like rudolph
    they never let him join in on all the reindeer games
    and as they rubbed their happiness in his face
    and invoked jealousy and anger
    he learned a life lesson that everything he learned through his whole life
    was there to be used to save his life

    the fashion industry started once this man found a way to prove this was a reality for him
    and many others who were being euthenised by suicide
    through this exclusion of love making ostrocisation psychological attack pulling at the heart strings of self worth and jealousy

    red today to give it away
    they handed out pinnies, to slaughter these people
    they were told this was happening
    they didnt listen
    it started with red
    the red team informed everybody
    those interested learned
    the next day what they could do to help
    and wore red
    and the red wore blue
    shedding the skin to feed the fake

    this is religion
    picking scabs of these people who use sex as a way to kill innocent beings

    7 days
    before a 3 day slaughter

    what can i do to help?

    sing and dance and wear these colors.....
    fool proof, candle burning at both ends, of a finger pointing we are going to laugh last, with you in the public eye

    on the 7th day, the confusion that was illustrated
    of the martyrs wearing red warning people of this
    came full circle
    and everybody was wearing the same color on the same day
    there was no denying who the enemy was
    they were the ones mocking an entire society in support of ridding them of their enemy
    and on the 7th day
    the fingers started pointing
    thats that guy who mocked all of those people for wanting to protect their kids from something so sick

    round two was more interesting
    the picking of the scabs
    and the fashion of the christ
    the lie that went down in history to cover up the truth of this religion
    as to why the pope chose celibacy
    and as a self fulfilling prophecy this man was celebrated as a pharoah

    Im not letting my enemy live in this life either
    bur in hell

    and this is the story of how the catch phrase "Fuck off" came to be

    if someone made you cry, or hurt your feelings, go tell three people
    what that person did that hurt your feelings
    then approach that person on how they hurt your feelings

    and then go tell those 3 people that person reaction to your hurt....

    taking notes?
    this is religion
    we are not letting you pieces of shit live....

    period, the end

    welcome to day 4

    take pity
    this was the story of the pope and the death of cleopatra
    cunt is a word used for a man whose penis was cut off.

    the game of hug is similar to this, it is the beginning of who is in what loop of the know....

    the first round is the game of hug,
    in todays society i will let the porn stars play....
    tag your it, heres your porn fashion, now go hug your friends
    and those friends can hug their friends

    and i will start versus an entire porn company on my end playing my game of hug

    color code my hugs
    day by day
    and one day a week
    everyone who got a hug
    wears that color

    blue wednsday hugs
    see you out for pancakes

    three days to appologise
    i plan to forgive you,
    but you should be worried about them?

    who are they kidding hey?
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    Jun 16, 2011 1:01 PM GMT
    what the heck did i just read?
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    Jun 16, 2011 3:31 PM GMT
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    Jun 16, 2011 7:08 PM GMT
    robo_hottie saidI'm on LSD

    Nah nah nah brah

    I thought it went like this?

    "THE HARVEST MOON HAS COME (ad nauseam)."

    Proof the OP is the reaper:

    This site he links to and calls his "fan club" in a photo caption of his SCREAMS reaper, and the video on the bottom left begins just like every reaper video. Candles, etc. too, just like Stewie/Reaper had a near-fetish with. Poorly made video, occult imagery, aggravating noise in the video... REAPER, or a damn good impersonator.