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    Jun 16, 2011 8:07 PM GMT
    Oh God, am I ever tired of wasting-my-breath on these subjects . . .

    The biggest problem, today, is that the Commie-Crat Party just cannot figure out that when they, disdainfully, say the word "Republican," what they technically mean is "RINO"; "Republican-In-Name-Only." (abc, cbs, nbc, pbs, NOR npr, ever use the term RINO; because, they would be "outing" their-own, if they did...)

    The RINOS are as despicable as the commie-crats; and both are considered treasonous, by Patriots.

    Now, speaking of Dystopia; although enjoyed by political masochists & communist / feeble-minded alike, we've been suffering it since 1913, under the 1st "Blatantly-Treasonous" President: Woodrow Wilson; ...-a democrat-, who finally stated (...so the history books would, maybe, be kind to him), that he had "Ruined " his country. Modern-Dystopia, has been w/ us since Pres. Kennedy was bumped-off, for having (intelligently & patriotically) wanting to abolish the Federal Reserve Board.

    Really, have not the Democrat party nor the Rinos considered HOW INSANE it is, to have to borrow the money it takes to run this country; rather than, printing "our-own" Fiat Money??.

    Here is another thing for the Commie-Left & Their Twins, The Rinos', to consider: Who granted this "Lender " the privilege of "inventing" alleged-money OUT-OF-THIN-AIR?? Permit Me: It was a very small group of traitors, in Congress, on the evening of December 24th, 1913; while the vast majority of Congressional Representatives were absent on x-mas vacation! ...Guess who signed their treason into Law, shortly thereafter . . .

    The Communist-Sympathitic "Left," including the RINOS', tell me: "I'm a Theorist" -yea, right; do some research !

    NOTHING IN THIS COUNTRY WILL EVER CHANGE UNTIL THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT OF 1913 IS REPEALED !! It's going to be the same-old FASCIST-WAR-PIGS, like OBAMA; ...Same Old Marrionette Show . . . (4 those thinking Obama is a free original-thinker: Pity-on-you! ...Don't go telling me about Bush, Bush, & the grandfather Bush; ALL are/were RINO-traitors, NOT Repubs.! But no media, including Fox, wants you to know it)!


    ...W/ All due respect to Dr. Paul, there is NOTHING wrong w/ Fiat-Money; it is just a question of who-is-printing it & why . . . !
    "Backing" currency w/ noble metals is unnecessary & ill-advised; because, the value of these, is too-easily manipulated.

    B4 the "haters" here on RJ go hating-on-me, and calling me either of the "-R-" words; kindly b advised: "I'm a Libertarian."
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    Jun 16, 2011 8:27 PM GMT
    Well I'm a little liberal, a little Libertarian (especially about that damned Fed. Reserve), some RINO because I believe more moderate republicans would be a great benifit to our Political system with the influence of "some" moderate fiscal conservatism (the Ryan budget giving to the rich and taking safety nets from the poor isn't the answer) and Democrat because government does have a place in making things better for its citizens, like with SS, SSI and Medicare, Medicaid. But too much Government is a pain in everyones ass, that's why we need moderate Republicans (RINO's to you)

    Now on your Ideas about the Fed Reserve, I'm all for Ron Pauls idea of a full and complete Audit, not just now, but every year, with a full report of who and what investors are getting rich off the US debt? (If that is the case as suspected)
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    Jun 16, 2011 8:32 PM GMT
    wellwell said " wellwell said

    well said, wellwell