i wanted to go to an open country to fall in love without fear, but love came to my office when this guy ( indain ) has been hired in the department next to mine,
i loved him the first time i looked at his face. till now i am suffering ,
yeah , i am not out of the closet and he is 29 old , has a son, but i do love him , he is indian and i see him the most attractive guy i have ever seen in my life ( i dont know why lots of pple avoid asians or indians or ..... ) he is really attractive , he has a great personality, i didnt masturebate since i have met him... i just love him , love his talks, smell, everything about him
but i got only pain,, i texted him as a colleague but were only simple messages,
i dont know what to do ... i love him , i wish at least to be friends ,, i dont care about sex..,, i just wanna be close...
and more , i started to change myself.. for example i like having fun all the time even at my office i like to share talks and laugh with my colleagues in the accounting department ,,, but now i started to be more stricket at work, maybe cuz of the love i feel , or i feel like its a bad habit and i wanna change it.. i love him .,, guys , i cant forget him .. guys he is working with me ,, means i have to meet and talk to him everyday,,, guys is it possible to be at least friends .. and we have an age difference of 7 years,, lol
so, if i wanna it to work out what should i do ,,,???