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    Jun 21, 2011 4:14 AM GMT
    Hey guys,

    So I'm about to graduate from college here very soon, but I'm seriously considering Law School. I've already taken my LSAT's, but I haven't applied anywhere yet. I'm pretty open to schools around the nation (the east coast preferably). I was hoping to go to Columbia or NYU cause I have some family in the city. From what I hear, most schools offer the basic J.D., but I was hoping to do something like business transactions. No one in my family or friends have been to Law School, so I don't know much about good schools to apply to.

    I kept a 4.0 all through undergrad, 169 lsat score. I'm hoping that will be good enough for a decent school offer.

    Those who have been/or are in Law School, I'd appreciate all the advice you can give! Thanks a ton!

  • austex85

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    Jun 21, 2011 4:57 AM GMT
    go to, you'll find better advice there than you would here. Both NYU and Columbia are great T6 programs.

    With a 4.0/169, you'd need to ED to one of NYU or Columbia to have a good shot of getting in. The median there is in the low 170s already, but luckily, your GPA is golden. But, keep in mind that by ED'ing, you lose out on scholarships, and $200K+ is A LOT of money. Unless you have a desire to be a lawyer, there are more rewarding professions out there.

    Also, you should apply as early as possible. Obviously, the application cycle for Fall 2011 is over, but you want to get your letters of recommendations ready now so that you have everything ready. If you're not wanting to do ED, I'd strongly recommend retaking the LSAT. A 171+ will do wonders and make you a strong candidate for YHS.

    Edit: what's your ethnicity? if you're Hispanic ignore my advice. In at both schools with money thrown at you.