I lost 26 lbs in about a month and half. I realize that was about a 5 1/4 lbs/wk but I did it through a well balanced diet 5 small high protein, low carb, low fat fat meals. After workout meal was high carb, high protein as to prevent my body from steal from my muscle fibers. Anyways I lost 26 in about 5 weeks. This of course included me upping my water intake to about a gal or more a day. Since in the past I was always dehydrated, and a gal of water alone weights 8 lbs I can calculate that in I technically lost about 30 lbs. Excluding water weight though, since EVERYONE exercising often should drink a minimum of a gal per day, I really only lost about 26 lbs. I have yet to find a quality caliper so I cant quite calculate my precise body fat ration but i do know I was stuck at 26lbs and maintaining w/intense exercise/cardio/strength training. It took about a month an a half more to finally break it but I finally brought my total fat loss up to 30 lbs, including all that pesky water/food weight which brings my actual weight loss up to about 35 lbs in 2 months icon_biggrin.gif

I have ALWAYS had trob in the past burning fat and kicking up my metabolism. This time I decided to ditch the Hydroxycut Hardcore (Just made me mean and grumpy) Up my meals to 5-6 a day (Small tiny meals btw which I hate and are still trying to get use to. I have a few low cal/high call meal replacement shakes I developed to help. Will post my recipes soon icon_smile.gif love emm cuz they a quick, cheap and since I designed them myself, I feel like I'm in control ) Those small meals have given me alot of energy throughout the day and boosted my insanely son metabolism. I also did intense 30-45 min cardio sessions 3x's/wk + 2 starter strength training sessions. All this combined actually worked.

Who would have thought diet and exercise would be the key >_< Ugh I know it sucks. I've tried everything in the past from pills to starvation (I call it my Holocaust diet cuz I stave myself like a Jew icon_sad.gif . It made my hair fall out and yeah I lost 60 lbs last time doing it but I also lost my hair in chucks, had to quit my fav Job ( A&F Stock Manager) and ended up sleeping on a couch for an entire week because I couldn't lift my head, AND I DIDNT EVEN DO IT ON Purpose..... I gained it all back in a few months. Btw icon_sad.gif. I wasn't trying to starve myself, I was just so busy working 12 hrs a day 6 days a weeks no break, no solid food (tongue pierced at the time and trying to heal). It sucked ASSSS.

Lesson is....... DO IT RIGHT. DIET PROPERLY. EXERCISE REASONABLY AND IT WILL WORK!!!!. I hit my slump a few weeks ago but somehow I over came. Muscle does weigh more then fat and since I was strength training at the same time I was fat burning, it was insanely hard to tell! icon_biggrin.gif

Lets get SEXY!!!!

Chime in with advice or your story..............


as an aside, can't Oprah afford to pay someone to stand next 2 her and eat all her food instead of her eatting it.................. silly rich lady