Hi all,

This thread is mainly work related icon_smile.gif I would like to ask all of you who are working on stressful and responsible positions that require lots and lots of time, energy, thinking and stress the shit out of you... icon_smile.gif
Have you ever felt signs of Burnout and how do you deal with it?

I am working on a management position in an HR agency and the last two years have been crazy for me - minimum 10 hours work per day, many times on weekends, lots of business trips, stressful situations, impossible deadlines etc. And lately I feel all the time tired, all the time I am not in the mood and I sometimes I feel the typical symptoms of a man who needs a break... icon_smile.gif but I can't really have the break that I need, because it is impossible to be away from work for more than a week or something.

So please advise me if you have been in a similar situation and how you handled it? icon_smile.gif