Jogging and Weight Loss Question

  • MsclFan79

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    Jun 21, 2011 11:12 PM GMT
    Hey guys...i started running last Summer with the goal to do 5km by end of Summer...i know thats nothing for most of u who will reply...but not having run any distance since grade school i was surprised how much i enjoyed it...the motivation, however, was that i lost about 15lbs, dropped a waist size and finally resolved the "large shirt is too small, xl shirt is too big problem" as clothes started to fit better..all in all a good situation.....but...

    I gained back about half the wait over xmas...but in my stomach not on my waist. Since i've started back at running the end of May I seem to be losing wait on my waist which is making my stomach look this normal or possibly just my imagination?...possibly it could be due to BBQ season starting ;)...just wondering if anyone experienced this...

  • Lincsbear

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    Jun 23, 2011 4:38 PM GMT
    Hi there,
    I have experienced something like this when I started running five years ago.I lost weight ,but in an order:legs,lower chest,back,waist,finally stomach.If I put weight back on,it`s first on the stomach,then reverse order!I tend to think it`s genetic as my father was the same;heavy for his height,not execising,but all weight on the stomach.
    My advice is to cut the fat,especially saturated animal types,and do plenty of stomach exercises,sit ups,etc. to burn up any fat and keep the body lean down there.But be careful not to over do it as you could build too much muscle and expand your waistline!All of this should be done in a general exercise programme, with lots of aerobic work.This has worked for me.
    All the best with your training!