Just an observation, I've noticed many guys talk about some ideal Mr Right, but pass right by guys with whom they could make their supposed fantasy life. I think it's easier to lament the lack of perfection in life than to do the work involved in building something with an actual fallible human being.

Personally, I seem to observe this a fair amount. "Oh, I wish I could find the right guy...." blah blah blah...bullshit....and they go for the jerks who treat them badly, because they really are in love with an idea and enjoy the attention from being "wronged" when they wrong themselves by picking badly.

You observe this among straight women as well. Always picking the wrong guys, and then whining about it.

Nice guys don't actually finish last...unless the race is called "who can OD on drama for the longest duration"

end rant...sorry.


The bus marked PERFECTION never stops where you wait for it.