Housing / Homestay

  • aquablueboi

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    Jun 23, 2011 7:21 AM GMT
    Hi there - we are a gay & married couple with a big 100 year old house in New West, 8 minute walk to skytrain, and are looking for a couple more guys to share it with. We have had homestay students in the past, and loved it!
    We currently have two other guys staying with us ( one for four years, and the other for two), and would like to continue to have a big gay home. Its a great place to live, and feels so nice to come home to a family you feel comfortable with.
    We have one room available now, and will have a couple more by August (we are renovating and upgrading).
    We have tried advertising in Craigslist in the past, with mixed results. We would prefer gay roommates/friends, and to this end we are not looking to hook up or meet new partners for sex, but simply a platonic relationship for housing that includes respect and laughter.
    Hope we can find a new friend here!

  • LJay

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    Jun 23, 2011 2:48 PM GMT
    Locally, we have a free weekly paper geared toward the middle upper crowd. Do you have something like that in your area. It would be beter than Craigslist for adertising. Also try pushing word of mouth with departing guys and their crowd.

    Seems like a nice idea. Hope it continues to work.