Hey everyone! icon_smile.gif

Okay, so the reason I wanted to start this thread was because I'm newly 18, and I wanted to know what clubbing was like in the gay scene. I live in Ohio and I hear we have a pretty decent nightlife for the LGBT community. Anyway there's this club called "Axis", and I just wanted to know like: what music do they play? (obviously club music, but I'm a huge Pet Shop Boys fan, so any of that?), and is everyone looking to hook-up? I'm a huge romantic, and past experience has said that I don't handle hooking up well, lol. So are there any people like me there? How many people attend? etc.

I guess if you can sort through my pile of questions in the earlier paragraph and try to answer what you can remember/know, that'd be awesome! icon_smile.gif Just looking for tips and such.

Thanks! icon_smile.gif

P.S.- In the midwest clubs, are there ever any younger (18-21) asian guys? I have a huge thing for cute asian guys icon_smile.gif Sorry for having such oddly specific questions!