Hey look - yet another music thread! Yeah, I know you're excited.

The topic of what RJers consider "classical" or otherwise always seems to be a point of contention on the forums (even if "classical" has a clear definition), but many of these debated songs can still be considered "classics" - that is, in the sense that they've remained popular and relevant years later.

One of my faaavorite things to discover on the interwebz, though, is the remake of a "classic". Be it new instrumentation, arrangement, or just the addition of a peculiar twist. For example, here's a new take on the Prelude from Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 by The Piano Guys.

So my question to you: Have you ever found a remake of a "classic" that strikes a...chord with you (ba dum, ching)? If so, post it here!