So ... I uploaded some new photos to show progress (or lack thereof, har-har-har) and they have never made it to my page. I know there is some sort of review process to ensure that my public photos do not include profanity, pornographic nudity, or things of that nature. However after a reasonable person's half-assed search I have not been able to find any information about this bureaucratic process and/or how long it should take. I checked my e-mail and there is no sort of "sorry bitch, you're too ugly to upload photos" justification of denial note. There is no trace of them "pending" on the site and my "update photos" page where I can upload more photos only shows that I have one photo, no other sort of information like I had been rejected on the photos I tried to upload and I should watch out on the next upload and face consequences, or something of that nature.

Quote from the photo upload page: reserves the right to reject any image that, in its sole and unfettered discretion, it finds to be in poor taste, questionable judgment, or offensive.

My photos in question: I was fully clothed. No profanity on my shirt or pants. It was clearly me and showed my face. One of them is good enough to use on Grindr.

It just seemed weird that it took less than twelve hours for my Verification to run through, yet it has been days now on the public photos. Do they send a justification of denial message at some point? Or is spaghettimonster just going to be frozen in time at the point my original photo was uploaded?

Halpz? icon_question.gif

edit/update - Resubmitted one photo and now it says "Photo in review" on my page. Sitch resolved?