CALLING ALL GAY MEN Anti Bullying project.

  • aldss

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    Jul 05, 2011 5:40 PM GMT
    OK guys Ive sent myself up a small Project and need Everyone's help...

    Being a Film student and in love with photography, Ive decided to make an animation piece to celebrate all the beautiful, proud gay men of the world.

    I'm in need of around 2000 Photo's, yes thats 2000 photos to be able to come up with a short 1 min long animation. And what I'm asking from you (the pubic) is to send a CLEAR photo of yourselves, holding no more than an A4 or no less than A5 piece of paper with ONE word that describes YOU, Or a short sentence that (no more than 5 words) has meaning to the gay community.

    Its a anti BULLYING video that I'm going to make so the words need to be powerful, have meaning and send out the right message to the world. You can put your age, your name, if you were bullied or not bullied, the year you came out, your partners name, the number of years you've been together, words that famous people have used, famous icons that REALLY support, and have supported the gay community, For example: my chosen sentence is "Thank you Harvey Milk"

    Anything you can think of, its really important that you think about the words you use as I've already said I really want it to have an impact on who ever watches it.

    The video will be posted up on YouTube once its done and The link will be put up on this website for everyone to view. I will post updates on the progress and the total number of photos I have once you all start sending.

    Ok, so this is the important part.

    -Photos must be CLEAR,
    -WORDS must be CLEAR
    -A4/A5 paper.
    -paper to be held at wast line.
    -Photo to be of top half only, Head shoulder and waist line only. (no need for -legs or feet)
    -Everyone in photo to have WHITE background.
    -No naked bodies please - Plan t-shirts, red,yellow,blue,orange,white,black.

    Send all photos to:

    If you have any questions please send me an email or msg me on ere. Thank you to everyone who is going to take part in helping me accomplish this project.

  • aldss

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    Jul 06, 2011 4:25 PM GMT
    So sorry to everyone, I did not notice that the UK and US had different papers sizes.

    The paper size I am asking for is "letter" 216 x 279

    Thanks again to everyone who's taking part, and thank you for the messages.
  • aldss

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    Jul 26, 2011 1:56 AM GMT
    Still need your photos guys. Thanks to those who have started sending them in.