I just found out my partner of 29+ years. (06/14/1982) started cheating on me. He turned 50 in January & I turned 48 in May. Our relationship has been great with some usual ups & downs (money, bills, work stress extra.). We always managed to work through the issues quickly & move on. I ended up having 7 spine surgeries over a 14 month period and left in severe pain managed with heavy duty meds. He has stood by me the whole this was going on. He has been very supportive as well. I am off work and on social security now and full medical coverage so no bills from this to deal with except about $40 a month for my meds. Our sex life has continued with some adjustment to positions of course. I understand he is dealing with his work stress due to the current economy and I remain supportive of him always. He has always had an issue of not coming out to many people including his parents for fear of judgment and such. He has taken on a number of outside activities such as Tai Chi Chuan, Reiki, and some holistic work. Lately he has been really stressed about work due to cuts in pay and increased costs for his health benefits, so sex has waned. He has mentioned the stress and I suggested therapy. I also suggested coming out to his parents who do not know I live with him but we are very close. They are Latin & I am 1/2 German & 1/2 Blackfoot Native American. I have suggested to him for so many years to come out his parents love him very much and only want him happy and healthy. He is an only child. Well on my birthday we just planned lunch out and afternoon home since he had one of his classes to teach that evening. So we went home, opened my gifts and I thanked him in bed and dosed off. I felt him stir later and he said don't get up I'm just getting ready for class. Over the next few weeks he became more and more stressed and said he started therapy. I suggested he take a day trip to the coast to relax and have some alone time. He has done that before but only after quite a bit of protest on his part because I wasn't able to handle the 3 hour trip by car. Well this time it was flat out sure he would go. I kind of felt something up then but let it go as stress. He went and I asked that he text me to let me know he made it OK. After 4 1/2 hours I sent a text and didn't hear back. I tried calling and it went straight to voicemail. He got home late and I told him about not texting and when I called it went right to voicemail. He jumped my shit and said for fucksake can't I have time to myself. I snapped back and said I wasn't planning on chopping it up with you just let me know you made it safely. The next few weeks I sent my daily. "Love You" text during his lunch but would only get an occasional reply. I just let it be and gave him his space. One morning I checked out my Facebook page which I hadn't done for quite some time. He had posted something back in May two days after my bday. It was. a pic of him and some scank bitch woman hanging off his arm. MUTHA-FUCK! when I downloaded the pic to my phone and opened it and checked the details it was the night of my bday and since he left the location feature on his Droid it was at the Prince concert in town. Well I went right to his PC which he forgot to logout of his email and I found a shitload of bullshit between them two. That fucking ho even sent him a pic of her ass with the scratch marks he left. Oh hell no I wasn't waiting till he got home to confront his ass! I called him at work and blew up his line going off on him and fucking that dirty assed BITCH and on my mother fucking birthday to boot!! He got home and started apologizing and said he is sick in the head being bipolar (which is news to me) and can't deal with the childhood abuse by his cousin when he was 7 and he has no identity because he has to live so many lives for everyone and he can't be in any relationship right now because of the hell he is in. I said after 29 years I deserve this for what reason BITCH? And you think. being in therapy and fucking this whore who already has 2 kids by different baby daddies is going to make you flip-the-script so you are dumping my ass? MOTHA FUCKER! I was out that night meaner and pissed as hell! I was calling all my westside girls telling them what happen that I had my bitch beatin bag packed and I was picking them up cuz we be huntin hoes! cuz I got the dirty scratched ass bitches crib tagged! I pick my girls up all packing the vaseline and straight razors. He must have figured out what I was up to cuz nasty bitch wasn't home. OK. though we tagged her garage door with DIRTY FUCKING BITCH FAG FUCKER in red spray paint and busted out some of her windows. We decided next to head back to my house and beat the dirty mother fucker down. Should've went home first cause he was on the run too! A few days later he sends me a text to drop the bullshit now and they won't file police charges for fucking the bitch's house up. And he then says he has been falling out of love for the last few years. WELL THEN MOTHA FUCKER CHIME IN AND TELL ME THIS SHIT SOONER! I haven't gone back to get the rest of the shit I have there but he best think twice that he skated by without a good old fashioned ass woopin! WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS SOUND LIKE SOME DUMBASS' FUCKING POOR ASSED EXCUSE FOR A MIDLIFE CRISIS? Goddamn 29 years of my heart I have given this person! And yes I stills love the bastard! I'm still beatin that bitches ass cause she looks the type that is just a nasty-maggot-assed-bitch-goldgging-filthy-goat-fucking WHORE. trying to trap another baby daddy. I am sure she don't want him now cause I'm sure he never chimmed in on being gay when he was tappin that filthy cunt! Thanks for putting up with my rants it helps me let out some of my pent up anger. (but I am still going to beat that BITCH down so you may be seeing me live at 5!)

EDIT: Oh and get this he is pissed because he told me it was bullshit I was tracking his cell. IDIOT DON'T POST YOUR GODDAMN PICS OF YOU WITH THE PERSON YOU'RE FUCKING AROUND WITH ESPECIALLY IF THE PIC HAS THE LOCATION TAG IN THE FILE DETAILS. More sounds like he wanted to get his cheatin ass caught! And he felt pretty stupid for that one since I never thought about adding the family tracker to his goddamn Droid!