Each time I call, something goes BOOM! Customer service!

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    Jul 08, 2011 1:08 AM GMT
    Ugh, Another call to Verizon support care center, and things have gone BOOM.

    I do not understand when you go into a Verizon Corporate store, you cannot get the deals that they keep trying to upsell you when you call them on the phone for general account inquiries..

    I recently added a Canada data plan to my MiFi device while I was traveling in Canada. They said, oh, you are eligible for an upgrade at a substantial discount.
    No thanks.
    Well, I used a 4G MiFi of a co-workers, and DAYMN it was fast. So I decided to upgrade. I couldn't get it in the store though, I had to have it shipped.

    Screw it, I got it at the store and asked for the agent on the phone to document my account, that I couldn't take advantage of the special pricing in the store.

    I leave with my new 4G MiFi. Go to Atlanta, San Diego, and NYC and the sort. I decide to call and follow up with Customer Care why I couldn't get the deal at the store.

    Well, sir, we can only do that on the phone. Verizon is Verizon is Verizon to me. I See Verizon, I want to be able to use my discounts where there is Verizon.

    Ok, to get the deal I had to have my line disconnected (the new 4G device, and a NEW SAME TYPE of device SHIPPED to me and then I had to send this device back. IT'S THE SAME TYPE OF DEVICE...
    That's the way it has to be done.

    Ok, spend 30 more minutes on the phone with that, pushing 1, 2, 7, 9, Thank you.
    Get a love note email THEY SEND IT TO THE WRONG ADDRESS.

    By this point I'm almost laughing so much my sides hurt on how much ridiculousness this all is.

    I call back the next day and speak to a rep. Oh my, I'm so sorry. Let me see what I can do for you. Conveniently the person that messed up, is not working that day.
    So, I also get this turned around, and the shipment redirected to where I asked it to be sent in the first place.
    Then, she says, well, we can activate the device you have again, while you are awaiting the other device. She tries, NOPE.. computer says no. I say, do not do anything, because I'm afraid with all of these activations, de-activations, I'm going to be the lucky recipient of a 1000$ bill now!
    She also noted that I had been paying for TWO MiFi devices since the other one wasnt properly turned off. I said FIX THAT.

    I asked for a supervisor return call as well to get some customer service retention credit. I had spent almost 3 hours on the phone already by this time fixing their issues and mistakes.

    The agent said someone will call back in 24 hours.
    4 Days later, no call..
    So I go to a meeting, and call, and immediately ask for a supervisor.
    i explain the ordeal, and she and I just start laughing .. She cannot believe how her colleagues have been handling this.

    I end up with my device expedited, called to fed ex, and a complete month of service free. They will also be doing a follow up customer care credit.

    I wouldn't go to AT&T for the life of me.

    No matter how many times I need to make adjustments to my account, something goes BOOM! and I cringe when I need to call them.

    Have you had similar experiences? Share your customer service horror story!
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    Jul 08, 2011 1:21 AM GMT
    Go with a prepaid plan like Straight Talk, Boost, etc.
    Sure there are "some" inconveniences like you can't use the latest and greatest phone, but at least they don't rip you a new asshole every time you call them...and the bill is ALWAYS the same.
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    Jul 08, 2011 3:36 AM GMT
    Verizon is so unorganized. It's the same deal with their broadband service. They have different promotions running on TV, online, and in store. But they're not universal. If you want the online deal, you have to sign-up online. If you want the TV deal, you have to call them. If you want the in-store deal, you have to do it at the store.

    They also have multiple call centers and none of them communicate with each other, and they all have different policies. So if the rep can't complete your request, then politely say thanks and hang up. Then call back. You'll probably get a different rep that can complete your request, and do it quicker than the previous one. Well, that's been my experience at least.
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    Jul 08, 2011 4:11 AM GMT
    Yes... I've been with them for so long, I get heavy discounts. The service is good (using it) NOT the customer service!!

    Now with the new data plans they are coming out with, i'm glad i'm grand fathered in for a while!