Illegal aliens.

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    Jul 08, 2011 3:31 AM GMT
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    Jul 08, 2011 4:58 PM GMT
    The entire U.S. Immigration system is a total fiasco.

    Our company is trying to hire a European on an H-1B visa. We started the process in October of 2010, filled out dozens of forms, submitted the past 5 year's tax returns, corporate structure chart and a zillion other things about the company. We got the Labor Department approval and the USCIS approval here in the states back in December 2010.

    The applicant then appeared at a U.S. embassy in Europe in January to get the actual visa. Remember, everything has already been approved.

    They ask him 2 questions:

    "How did you like studying in London?"

    "How did you like visiting the USA when you vacationed there a few years ago?"

    Then they gave him a yellow form stating visa is now pending "Administrative Processing" and they will contact him. Oh, and they also took his passport.

    So, what exactly is "Administrative Processing" and how long does it take?


    And based on the experiences of tens of thousands of poor souls (just google "Administrative Processing Visa") it takes MONTHS or YEARS for this process to end.

    And to make matters worse, the U.S. embassy staff do not return phone calls, do not return emails, do not respond to faxes (from us - the company, our lawyer, nor the applicant himself).

    The whole point of this scrutiny is to:

    a) Make sure the company is real (5 years of Federal tax returns prove that)

    b) Make sure the applicant for the visa isn't a terrorist, doesn't have a criminal record, never overstayed his visa on prior visits to the USA

    These are things that can be done in a matter of hours, yet the bloated, unaccountable Federal government treats us and our applicant like some kind of nefarious individuals.

    It's no wonder that millions are coming over here by sneaking over the border, overstaying their visas and the like.

    So whenever someone refers to "Immigrants" and they mean illegal immigrants, I get particularly upset because these ILLEGAL immigrants have broken the law, are lobbying (and having the Democrat party advocate) that they should be allowed to stay here in the USA, when the tens of thousands of people trying to come here legally and at great expense (both financially and emotionally) are treated like crap.