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    Jul 10, 2011 3:44 PM GMT
    In Robert K. Lifton, a Zionist and "former President, The American Jewish Congress" Zionism is at risk, "not in the form of foreign millitaries, or Palestinian terror or economic instability, but in the very persons who purport to support it. The alliance of aggressive nationalists and religious expansionists is endangering the dreams as conceived of by 'Theodore Herzi and shared by millions of Jews. Through their overzealous efforts toward expansion, in which they seek to extend Israel's jurisdiction over the biblical "whole land of Israel" --the Territories gained in the 1967 SIX DAY WAR--they are endangering Zionist foundations of that land."

    "I have been concerned that Israel not put at risk its Zionist purpose in an effort to expand its reach into the Territories. ---- Israel would not be able to continue as both a Jewish State and a Democratic State if it attempted to annex the Territories as part of the State of Israel. AJ Congress members and I were reflecting our inchoate feeling that the Zionist enterprise to which we are committed was threatened by the ambitions of Israel's government, led by then Prime Minister Vitzhak Shamir, to extend Israel's outreach to parts of the West Bank and Gaza, The settlement program has been an instrument of that policy."

    You can read the entire article ZIONISM AT RISK dated July 6, 2011, on Huffington Post, in the 'world' section.

    Unlike our RJ ZIONIST FANATIC LIL'AIPAC (Ceaserea4), The prominent writer of this article doesn't attempt to promote ZIONIST PROPAGANDA saying that Palestine never existed so therefore the settlements are not illegal encroachments on OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN TERRITORY, But he maintains that those Settlements in the Territories are the bigger threat to Zionism's goal of a homeland.

    Do you agree with this Zionist Writer that the Settlements should stop ?

    How could the Israeli Leadership such as Netanyahu and Lieberman possibly think that continuing the settlements is an act in seeking peace with its enemy (the Palestinians), from whom they are taking the land to build those settlements ?
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    Jul 11, 2011 6:14 PM GMT
    Mr Lifton and other reasonable Jewish folks will be disgusted to learn that Glen Beck is holding a "SUPPORT ISRAEL RALLY" next August, he is such a far righter that he is against a two state solution, so plays right into the hands of the expansionist leaders of Israel such as Lieberman and Netanyahu who are continuing to forward more and more Zionist Settlements which has been the main sticking point to any ongoing peace talks with the Palestinians.

    You can view the Article about Becks rally in the World section of Huffington Post. or look it up on Fox news.

    This Beck is now taking his 'freak religious show' to Israel and I doubt sincerely that it will be of any help, since he promotes not moving forward with the two state solution. This will be interesting to see how it unfolds.