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    Jul 11, 2011 10:50 PM GMT
    I know it's long but appreciate any imput. (Even if he was just not that into me, are not the actions still strange and contradictory.)

    I want to find a partner. Someone to spend my life with but I'm beginning to think/feel the dating websites are just problematic vs. meeting someone in real life because of guys who falsely represent themselves. This one is truly bizarre because it was almost as if everything he put on his profile was the direct opposite in person and I really don't get it.

    Met a guy online and he and I really clicked. (I thought) It was like I could have written his profile myself. He was 34 and I'm 29. On his profile he says he's not into the bar scene, doesn't drink much at all, is looking for a friend to turn into a partner, then, husband, then father. He's a Big Brother, works for an HR company fighting discrimination. I'm thinking...not bad right.
    Started out with strong communication, exciting and enjoyable. Transitioned from email/txting and phone calls then the first date question was asked.

    Now I am a firm believer that your first date with someone should only be the two of you so you can make up your own minds about each other; friends comes later.
    He calls me on Thursday (Date set for Friday) wanting me to meet him and his friend at a bar 5 min from my house says he would rather be hanging out with me. So I go, He's 75% on his way to drunk by the time I get there.
    He and his little friend kept leaving for the bathroom for like 10-20 minutes. (humm what could they be doing??) Maybe acting like girls and pulling the "what do you think girl...is he cute, do you like him yadda yadda"

    I'm like ok, first impression, not so good but he was already drunk so I'll let it slide. The night ends, it was all right, we kiss (Umm bad kisser is an understatement are you trying to choke me with your tongue??) Sparks kind of gone but once again I'm thinking, he's drunk, I'll go out with him tomorrow and see what happens.

    He calls me on his way home apologizing because those people weren't really his friends and he's really not like that. He's concerned about the fact that I'm so much younger than him but is excited about our date tomorrow night.
    Then, he text ditched me @ 4:30 Friday when our date was at 7 asking for a rain check for the following Friday . Yup, I am officially unimpressed at this point.
    Big surprise I never heard from him again.
    Then to add to the fun and confusion; for no reason, his best friend text me 4 days later saying "hey don't know if you remember me (no I'm retarded and can't remember someone from last week.) I got your number from (Guy), what's up how are u?"

    So I have yet to hear from the guy himself but now I'm talking with his friend?

    Main Points...

    Said he wanted a husband and partner; seems to want to play around.
    Said he's not into the bar scene; only have met him once and he's drunk in a bar.
    Said he prefers mature older men usually (he's 34 I'm 29) but plays the "I'm going to go into the bathroom to talk about my date w/ my friend" high school level crap. I feel I'm pretty mature compared to what I witnessed.
    Said he's sorry about the first impression that it's not who he really is and he's excited to go on a real date; ditches me with a "friend came into town and needs me" excuse. Then never calls back.
    Said he's very masculine; tends to be more effeminate than he thinks.
    I mean I don't get it?? Am I crazy, did I miss something?? Even if he didn't want to date me, that doesn't mean we couldn't still chill and be friends does it?? We still got along technically and I'm not like all heartbroken or anything.

    Is it me or is this False Representation??
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    Jul 11, 2011 10:56 PM GMT
    You bet it's false representation and he is obviously a liar. Forget about him; it will only get worse. I don't understand how people think that they can get away with behaving so unethically and not reap the karma eventuallyicon_question.gificon_question.gif
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    Jul 11, 2011 11:31 PM GMT
    That's what I thought. It's just bizarre that his freind is texting me. I mean I don't have a problem with his friend, I would never date him but still, you'd think the guy would at least txt saying "hey you might hear from my friend."

  • mybud

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    Jul 12, 2011 1:24 AM GMT
    Dude...chalk it up as dodging a bullet....he guy sounds like a loser...His disrespect by givin your number to another guy speaks volumes....Tell yourself you deserve better...Fuck the asshole...my 2 bits.....BUD