I try to do Pilates on the Reformer twice a week (My awesome gym throws in two Reformer sessions per week free with the membership).

While I believe Pilates has worked wonders for my midsection, really tightening up my waist and defining my muscles, I fear the all-body aspirations of some instructors may undermine my resistance training.

Monday, for instance, I did an advanced Pilates session in the morning and early evening tried doing my back and biceps and discovered my smallest shoulder muscles were wiped out from the Pilates session. The Pilates instructor had done a bunch of rowing motions emphasizing the rotator cuff, rhomboids, and rear deltoids. I was flummoxed later in the day unable to do my usual weight for bent-over barbell rows.

Pilates instructors keep telling me that I can do Pilates whenever I want, on consecutive days, on the eve or the heels of resistance training. Given my schedule, I need to do Pilates within 48 hours of resistance training.

I would be curious to hear from anybody who does Pilates, preferably on the Reformer, and who also lifts weights? How does it work for you?