I don't usually do things like this but it was a cold night and i made plans to meet someone at their hotel. I caught the bus and had dinner, While i waited for him i bought a bottle of wine, I got a text that he had finished and i made my way to his hotel in the cold of the night. I waited in the warm lobby, Sat down and and read a gossip magazine to relax myself from the nerves that were starting to come over me. I waited about 4 page turns then he came around the corner muscular, tanned and we met. We made small talk and made our way to the elevator, Door and to the couch. We started chatting about a few different topics, I opened the wine and we continued to chat. It was a mixture of the wine, time and attraction when he had finished his meal and leaned over and kissed my lips softly. His lips were so soft it made me even more curious to feel them on my own lips. We were kissing each other and each second that went past my lips seemed to be pushing harder into his as i leaned over. By this time my shirt and his had been taken off now i was sitting over him on the couch, Pillows on the floor i was kissing his soft lips and sucking his bottom lip as i kissed off his lips so much that it made a suction noise. He grabbed my hand and lead me around the couch and to the bedroom where he jumped face first onto the bed. I walked over to the bed and undid the top button on my jeans and with one leg pushing the jeans down on the other leg, I was too busy to look down and take my eyes off his body. I walked over naked and I placed my hands around the top of his pants and grabbed his underwear as well as i slide them both down his round, tight, muscular ass. Down his thighs and off through his feet, It was hypnotising. I then crawled over his legs touching his skin so soft like silk on my hands and started to kiss his ass cheek then made my way up his spine to his neck and turned my head to kiss his lips again. The rest of it is too hot that im still dealing with it HAHAHA!

Moral of the story is... exploring the body can be so much fun!