DEATH OF CLOSE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS: Have you lost anybody you befriended as a kid yet? What happened?

  • HndsmKansan

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    Jul 19, 2011 2:30 AM GMT
    So I'm on my way to see a client tonight in rural Reno country, near Hutchinson and started thinking about my friend Marie, who passed away in 2003.. still in her 30's. Very sad. The recent thread in the forums about "Death" certainly makes you think. As I was driving tonight I couldn't help but remember those trips to Hutchinson for the Kansas State Fair when we were in high school. I'll never forget em.

    Marie was really awesome in many ways. Totally different than I.. she was a hell raiser, rebel (she always blamed her Dad walking out on the family for another woman when we were in 9th grade). Did all kinds of bullshit. Skipped school, was living with and screwing a 29 year old man before we graduated high school. Was a elementary school office aid (I'm sure their losses in that office were substantial).... you get the idea. Remarkably loyal and very intelligent.... she just chose not to use it when conducting affairs of her life.

    She inherited money and invested it with me, she was seriously involved with several men and had 2 daughters, but the last girl really was hard on her and she wasn't very well at the end. I have to say it wasn't a natural death, however. Even I was aware she was "using". She never did that when we were younger. Guess you never know about your friends.. and I have a very diverse
    group. I credit Marie for some very positive things... namely she was part of my inspiration for the instruction of horsemanship when I was 14. I have a picture of her and I at my last horse show in 1995. I probably should have put it in this thread.

    So what about you? Have you lost a childhood friend that meant something to you? Who was it and what did you learn from them? How often do you think of them today? What happened?
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    Jul 19, 2011 2:52 AM GMT
    Rawrly said.

    I don't think of him a lot now because I can't believe he's gone. It was one of the toughest deaths I had to deal with.

    Thanks for sharing that and I'm really sorry for that kind of loss..
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    Jul 19, 2011 4:19 AM GMT
    Yeah, I lost my friend Tommy a few years back. I met him while I was in high school and fell horribly in love with him... he wasn't into me in the least bit... but what was different about Tommy was that he was the first gay friend I had who genuinely just wanted to be friends. He passed away quite young from a seizure. In many ways I've never really learned to cope with the suddenness of his passing. I still can't shake the image of the 5'5 boy from Ohio who had more spunk than anyone I've ever met and a smile that still warms my mind from the first night we met.
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    Jul 19, 2011 5:44 AM GMT
    There was a girl named Tyler (I know) and I met her early in high school. She was a sweet kid, funny, rebellious, and she and I got along well. Last time I ever saw her was watching the fireworks in my hometown after she moved out to an exurb of Minneapolis. Sadly, in September 2009, she was hit by a train right in front of her house while listening to her iPod. I didn't go to the funeral, and I don't know why. Although the day of, I wore the shirt that she told me she liked- my Marilyn Manson tee. I still think about her every once in awhile, even though we weren't absolute best friends.

    I also had a friend named Karina. She was my best friend's first love, and she and I made some epic memories. The last pep rally I ever went to in high school was in the spring of my junior year. She dragged me over to the senior section, and when my junior and senior friends found out, it really pissed them off for reasons that I don't really get. (I guess part of it was that I never liked my class/hometown/high school.) Last August, she passed away from complications from childbirth- the child stillborn. I also think about her, and looking at our friendship on facebook and her profile stuff kinda stings. I can't really imagine what my best friend went through when she passed away.