Your Most Significant Dreams

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    Jul 19, 2011 4:37 AM GMT
    I dream big so this is a favored area for me. I will get the ball rolling.

    (These words are all mine, yet they have been copied and pasted from The Hall of Manly Excellence forum, from the Dream thread, which was already up and running by the time I got there. You may find that forum interesting, though they do stress the "manly" part so you are aware. "Keep it Manly" they say.)

    QUOTE AUTHOR GOES HERENateDavis wrote [on The Hall of Manly Excellence]
    I once dreamed that Liam Neeson beat the living tar out of me at a pool party, and when I came to he offered to teach me his secrets. I aksed him, "This is a dream, isn't it?" He said, "Yes. Yes, it is." And then I woke up.

    That dream, I have had similar. When the dream reality hits a perfect streamlined segway into the moments of eyes first open after sleep blow my mind most. One night I dreamt I looked to the sky at a full moon. In real world I awoke midday to see the full moon replaced in perfect screen wipe with my ceiling's circular fire alarm. Huh.

    Other nights' enigmas have included many war-like disaster heavy survival scenarios as seems to be a trend hearing of all your dreams. We are quite the species. I see meaning in their portrayal of our overcoming great odds to give us not only confidence in our abilities to defeat threats but the ways to go about our success. Someone said they were fighting a bear and their shotgun wouldn't go off so they beat the bear with it. An excellent projection of in-the-heat-of-battle recovery that could prove...crucial if ever he is in such a scenario.

    Many of my dreams contain dreams within dreams. I had a dream once where I was a lake. I felt all the generations of sea life growing living swimming and dying in endless cycles. This got into my daydreams because it's enriching to imagine the organisms around me in fast motion growing from seedling to full form. In the moments of my waking life where there seem to parallel my dream memory, I get a feeling much like deja vu, as if all reality is a single plane and there was a ripple in my spacetime thought recovery. Many dreams leave me with impressions when i cannot fully fathom their scope. I'm with you guys on the mornings when the dreams slip away like they were cotton candy fluff hitting a wet tongue. Some analogy right but it popped up in my brain when I focused on the feeling.

    Dreams securely safe in memory bay:
    --In grassy field. Southern united states. 60's or 70's. Old white church with paint coming off, inside I walk and there is orange carpet I walk on up the rightmost side isle and I see brown electrical wires snaking along the ground getting more and more dense towards the walls and I see along the sides there are long tables on which there are wires leading up to orange glass sculptures of psychedelic mushrooms holding round light bulbs in the caps as if growing from the table, lighting the hall in a warm yellow light. As I feel the presence of these lights, the happenings of the church's past fast-warp around me as if video footage on the >>.

    --I am in a large newly constructed civilization on a green planet much like our own, only similar to skull island in that many creatures are mystical-gigantic, especially the natural vegetation. I am obsessed with and have been for a very long time of the idea of landing on a new planet only to see that humans already got there, and the civilization lies in ruins. In this dream, their buildings are very epic, designed clearly by masters in the tradition of for instance the capitol or any united states memorial, only covered in vegetation, slightly aged and warped.

    (This dream civilization first reached my heightened attention in 6th grade after I saw the movie Blade Runner at my friend's dad's house, and I began listening to its soundtrack. The movie forced me on all cylinders into a realm of infinite future. I saw myself in a new environment, because instead of being in a box of grids, the box was and is in actuality, infinity.)

    Foggy old warehouses in the jungle with broken windows and vines everywhere bring me to the final seconds of a dream I hold as a golden egg moment of my life's consciousness. In this civilization I was a leader in a group, and we were about to speak before a large group of people in this warehouse. in a side room there was a mirror that covered the whole wall, framed in intricately-formed gold leaves as if from an old castle. The mirror looked as if it had rusted. Very dirty, cracked in some parts, but remaining clear enough so that the mob of jungle-ready soldierly men lined up in front of it could see one another through its reflection, and before I woke up, my eyes met with the man standing just behind me to my right. An old friend. The golden egg is the bond our eyes reflected back from real world into my dream, and the power I felt was limitless.

    --In a large room with black floor and hanging mirrors that swung slightly, seeing reflections of myself meditating in long sleeves and long pants that were alternating black and white like a strobe light.

    --There was a pyramid surrounded by an audience of thousands at night and at the top of the pyramid, diagonal elevator shafts intersected making a large X. There was a stairway built in modern times up the center to its point. At the top waited a girl I know who looks like a middle eastern goddess, and the elevators where filled with men on one side and women on the other, and the elevator cars were shaped like trapezoids because the shafts where diagonal. They rose up and I'm at the other end of this huge crowd of people as if the X pyramid is the Washington monument, the people between us are the large pool, and I am Lincoln at his memorial watching. I see her yet, even so from such distance, as if she is just feet away from me. As the elevators rise higher, I see her head is just between the intersections of the tracks, and I care for her deeply so I am horrified that she may be harmed by the converging elevators. Right before they collide I woke up.

    --Reoccurring dream of walking in a green field over a sidewalk. Trees pass. Benches pass. People rarely every appear until finally a sidewalk square disappears right before I step on it, and I fall until I wake up with a lurching feeling. One day, the reoccurring dream changed and I've never had it since. The change was that I saw a female walking, remember nothing about her appearance beside hair down to mid-back. She was walking away from me, ahead of me, when suddenly as if the gravity governing her body changed smoothly, she turned diagonal over the ground, still walking fine, and my stomach turned when I saw her because I was perplexed that her hair matched the angle down she walked at a /, defying gravity. This woke me up.

    --Had a dream I was on a modern day titanic, only it was cubic and built entirely out of glass. The rooms were separating and sinking, and the dream climaxed in a gymnasium whose roof lead to another realm, and it's impossible to remember this dream without considering a very similar twin dream only different setting--my middle school's gym with the bleachers pulled out, people gathered, and a comit has come through the roof causing utter chaos.

    --In one dream, directly as I was waking up in a cabin-like space with full windows all around, in a forest on a winter's night. This is a nightmare because of how it made me feel. From the second I woke up in this cabin, the song by Queen "I'm Going Slightly Mad" had begun to play. I was walking through the woods until I got to suburban streets, and the music was making me feel isolated from those around me, and I got to the block where my parents live and right as I got in front of a house with front steps leading up to it the front door opened up and my dad walked out looking at me and I could tell he was in terrible pain because his face was severely cut as if by a lion's paw.
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    Jul 19, 2011 4:40 AM GMT
    (CONTINUED) Then I woke up. The feeling I got was worrying that I in some way had caused his suffering. Just want the old man happy you know?

    --Walking through a forest with my family, green sunny, all the natural good of life snowballing into ecstatic bliss. Sunbeams dancing through the green leaves. Complete contrast to that last dream. As we approach a large amount of picnic tables under the mighty trees, I see many extended family members eating and grilling. There is so much love, and it's so intimate with our shared experiences.

    --I'm laying down and looking up at the sky, and I see two galaxies spiraling side by side. On the right is blue, on the left is red. In my world, blue represents male, red female. The universes spin above me as I consider them, and then the red fades to black, and the blue spins over me entirely. This perfectly and poetically sums up my feeling deep down that if I was only with men forever it would be no problemo.

    --I am on a boat and only men are onboard, and the time period seems timeless. On a foggy day at the evening we reach land, where a cliff holds a building who evades my mind's eye when i try to look at it directly, leaving impression like an abandoned Italian Villa surrendered to the elements, one that once inside we see all furnishings have been meticulously covered in white linen, leaves blow through. As night falls our flashlights illuminate the large doorways we pass through, until we go up, up and I feel the roof above us, across the dusty floor of a top floor, high-ceilinged back room where we see linens covering what must be sculptures. This is when I realize the men I am with are interested only in men, and in our flashlights' rings we uncover statue after statue of deities.
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    Jul 19, 2011 9:38 AM GMT
    There was one that was extremely significant about a year significant that I had to write it down the moment I woke up (just in case of a sequel). Then I jumped on to figure out what the fuck just happened. Sigh of relief, but the dream did project a lot of significance toward which direction I should take in life. So, I literally followed my dream.
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    Jul 19, 2011 11:58 PM GMT
    Kick. Ass. That's what you gotta do right? Follow your dreams? It's funny because when people say follow your dreams, sometimes they really do mean...Follow Your Dreams. I see the power in that, now especially after reading your words and reflecting how much energy I get from each dream fragment. And just thinking of bringing them out my sleeping soul to share with all makes me feel so much power, electricity, and awe. Alright and now I've got a metaphor to describe in essence what this new dawn feeling in me is like. I had a great day yet in order to reveal the definition of the spike of good vibes I felt when my eyes saw dreams...follow dreams..., I'm going to start out this explanation 'low mood'.

    So we've got a guy--healthy, built, sundrenched trudging along across rolling desert hills, so hot the blue of the sky does not even remind him of cold. He's been walking in the desert for a long time, a man who needs love to survive. Love not romantic, but genuine care from any species crossing his path. He has always had so much but after so long over the desert hills he feels beside himself low on supply. Then, through sweat in his eyes, he sees a small green growth in the sand--his heart leaps as if it had been sleeping atop a geyser. He had been hanging his head so long he didn't see that somehow the desert was giving way to a lush, sprawling jungle stretching out before him. Quickly drinking water that streams by, he readjusts focus to conclude that love emanates from the thriving beings near him and that in appreciating their health, his becomes more and more apparent. Having seen no sign of life for so long save for a few lizard skeletons, suddenly he is feasting off the life surrounding him, taking a mile of energy from each green leaf, sharing the majesty of its existence. He treks further, his heart rising with each step, until through a low cloud of haze he can make out the silhouette of a warehouse roof 60 or so feet up. The structure is old, yet sturdy. As if tapping into a psychic awareness yet skeptical of its validity, he thinks he knows the power that lies waiting in the warehouse, but its power is so great that he forces himself to delay feeling the breadth of the good feelings for fear of good vibes in vain [impossible]. He steps into the warehouse to see standing before him, as if brought together by a group of old time pro photographers, everyone he has ever loved. They look to him, and he spreads his wings. There is no sky that is not their eyes, through which he flies.

    I got a few miles out of the idea you left so thanks dude.