This arrived in my email today... Hooray!!!!

I note the dig at "Rupert Murdoch's money"... Perhaps they should have tried to shake down uber-wealthy lib Soros for some of his billions....

After the experience of creating and launching an underfunded Air
America Radio, we realized that without Rupert Murdoch's money we
would never catch up on TV or radio. Due to the unprecedented growth
of the Mobile Internet, we believe that with your help, we can create
an independent Progressive Media Universe.

We hope you'll look at the attached, and if you agree, forward it to
your address book as appropriate, post it on FB, Twitter and your
Website, if you have one.

Our non-profit, Progressive Voices Smartphone App is a one-stop shop
for everything progressive in print, video and audio.

We are very proud to announce the launch of the Progressive Voices
Institute, a 501(c)(3), created with a single purpose in mind - to
level the news and information playing field by creating our own
Progressive Media Universe on the fast-growing Mobile Internet.

We must acknowledge that we were twenty-five years behind the
conservatives in talk radio, and that even MSNBC doesn't program 24/7
progressive content, but rather than chase the incumbents' enormous
lead, and try again to start an old technology radio or cable
business, it's our goal to get in front of the next platform, the
Mobile Internet. Consider the numbers: there are already more than 100
million smartphones and tablets, growing to 1 billion by 2013. Until
now, the very limited number of radio broadcast licenses and the
extremely high cost of starting a cable network have ensured the
incumbents' monopoly.

That changes now.

The first project of the Progressive Voices Institute is the
Progressive Voices (PV) App. The PV App is the primary portal for all
things (text, audio, video, etc.) progressive on the Mobile Internet.
The App puts all progressive media content in the hands of millions.

To accomplish this, we need your help. What we're asking for today is
that you download the app, and spread the word to your email list,
your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers.