First of all THANKS everybody for the attention. This is a very hard situation for me, almost two years ago i fell in love with a guy i knew at @MH, we never met each other, but in one year of 'relantionship' we were connected in a way nobody can call less than love, a different love, i must admit, pure as angel, but mostly strong as that fucking horny passion.

I discovered some lies from him then on november of last year i decided to try to forget him, since HE did NOT want to meet me. That was hard to do but i did it ( are paying attention Oprah? ).

But i never stopped thinking of him, started dating, but he was still there with me as a tatoo in my body and now i decided to get in touch with him again and he answers and this is what this ENDless topic is about.

He told me that he discovered he has MSM, ( Men who have sex with other Men) faced for many as a disease and is totally different of BEING GAY And i always knew he was not happy or never understood 'Homossexualism' cause we have similar thoughts about it.

But now i dont know what to do, i know he wants me, he showed that one more time and i got in tears when i noticed how hard this situation is being for him, he was all the time Fighting with his brain and body and i just wanna help him, somehow.

Even reading a lot about it in the past two hours i still cant figure oit how to 'deal with that', i dont wanna let him go, but i also wanna see him well, no matter what he chooses (i dont even know if it is possible to maybe choose to become gay?!)

Please someone who already passed through it or know something or wanna share something, help me.

And sorry for the English mistakes, i've been typing this driving in a fast road