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    Jul 22, 2011 7:54 PM GMT
    I am looking to meet some serious bodybuilders in san diego area who are into flexing posing in nude compare muscle growth and then applyed some wrestling holds to see and feel siccros headlocks nelson bearhughs all nude....usually connect every firday evening in a friends place he is a discreet guy masculine he enjoys bodyworshiping muscle bodybuilder types....met him 8 months ago and he is great bodyworshiper so looking for other bodybuilder msucle guys who likes to be encourage when we flex pose show off and being licked bodyworshiped NO ATTITUDE he is a fun guy and he is hosting at his place in if you are a muscle bodybuilder type and you enjoy flexing posing being messure youre hard muscles in the nude and being oil up bodyworshiped and then get into nude rough wrestling all safe fun text me for info for faster serious NO DRUGS NO ATTITUDE just enjoy getting nude fle xpose beign bodyworshiped and wrestle around....hook up almost every friday evening and saturday all day.....text me discreetly 619-779-5051 thank you and lets flex pose be bodyworshiped by average masculien guy and wrestle.....
  • Derrick_Rigg

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    Nov 05, 2017 4:44 PM GMT
    Used to know a guy that recruited me for bodybuilders that wrestled.

    He used to gather a bunch of spectators to watch us two guys wrestle and they would bet on who would win. I like the work alot. I got to take out my aggression just like in the gym.

    He limited the matches to being in Las Vegas, Houston, and New Orleans. I'm not sure if the matches are still being held since I lost contact with the guy.