No, I’m not afraid of them. Rather, I’m experiencing a drought of them.

I don’t know if anybody on here lives around the St. Louis area, but last month around the time of the Pride festival, one of the most well-known gay bars/clubs in St. Louis, the Complex, was closed down. I can’t say it’s the most tragic event in gay St. Louis history. I don’t toss around the word ‘skuzzy’ very much, but I usually had to steel myself for the geriatric youth-hunters, the shameless hook-up whores, and the guys who don’t understand ‘accidental eye-contact.’ But in spite of its flaws, there were some rather nice(-looking) guys among the less desirable dancefloor sharks. And there’s still yet a good reason why the Complex was my only option for meeting guys: it was the only gay bar in St. Louis that catered to the ‘18 and over’ crowd. Now, with its closing, I quite literally can’t get into any other gay bars, as I am under 21.

I am by no means a huge fan of gay clubs. However, I don’t really have any other sources for meeting men in real life. My college GSA is mostly a farce. There aren’t any gay coffee shops in St. Louis, as far as I am aware. The only place I can get into is the local all-male strip club. Slim pickings indeed.

Basically, I guess I’m turning this into a ‘where to meet guys’ thread, because I really don’t know where to go anymore. I feel disconnected to the gay community in my area, and I also fear I may not see another penis in real life for almost a year and a half. For me, this simply isn’t an option. Before I go whoring myself on Craigslist, I figured I should at least get some second opinions on where to actually MEET guys.