Chuck Palahnuik Announces a Director for his "Invisible Monsters" Project

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    Jul 22, 2011 9:36 PM GMT

    Dear Fans of Invisible Monsters,

    Finally the time has come! An update of epic proportions for all you devoted followers anxiously anticipating the release of what is sure to be the most sensational and talked about film of the past decade!

    First off, we are currently still adapting the novel into a script. Rest assured, I have spent the last twenty months of my life working day and night to adapt and perfect this wildly imaginative story into a script that will exceed your standards. Upon reading a very early draft of the script, Chuck mentioned that the “screenplay is amazingly faithful to the original book”. He was very generous with his notes and suggestions of how it could differ in order to stylize it for a visual medium.Therefore we took his feedback into great consideration and are confident that I'M will not only rival but far exceed Fight Club and Choke!

    Secondly,we have attached an AMAZINGLY TALENTED director who is a HUGE fan of Chuck’s work. This guy is as big of a fan as me, which I didn’t think was possible. His name is Samir Rehem and he’s been the most vital piece of the puzzle to get the project to this point, so we are extremely happy and pleased that he will be bringing Chuck’s vision to the big screen.

    As of right now, we are still in development,which means we are raising money and building awareness for the film. Currently, we do not have any actors attached to the roles but we are being very mindful of all your suggestions. We will keep everyone updated more regularly on casting and general updates in the future.

    That’s all for now. Please stay tuned for more official updates as we prepare for production! Remember to SPREAD THE WORD AND DEMAND THE FILM BE MADE! Also, we read EVERY message posted on our Facebook site and email sent to our inbox so be sure to share your opinion. I cannot guarantee a response but I can guarantee it will be read!

    All the Best,
    Cameron MacLaren & The Invisible Monsters Production Team


    anyone else like chuck Palahniuk books?
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    Jul 22, 2011 10:18 PM GMT
    Fight Club was a masterpiece.
    Survivor was interesting but ultimately ineffectual and largely forgettable.
    Choke was the closest book format of a snuff film I have ever read - the way I felt reading it is most analogous to how I feel using Grindr in public these days.
    Lullaby was atrociously bad but I still read it on the beach in Cozumel since I had read everything else we had packed.

    He has an interesting and unique ego that really spills out on the page, in the same way that Augusten Burroughs explodes rainbows all over his works. He is enjoyable to read if you read to simply enjoy, but if you critique and analyze things as you read them, he is an easy target to deconstruct.

    The casting for the Choke film was awful. I hope they cast non-uggos in this one.
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    Jul 23, 2011 1:34 AM GMT
    this makes me happy