Everybody wants attention, but sometimes you want to smack somebody. No...I'm not a violent person, but I was tempted to. I have a few:

1)I was working at a retail store ad working in the men's department. I was fixing clothes and this guy comes down the clothing aisle and grabs my derrierre. I turn around and this short (shorter than 5 foot 5 aging Bob Marley wannabe is grinning at me. I shot him a death look and contemplated beating him over the head with the hanger I had in my hand.

Five minutes later, somebody pushed me into the clothing rack while grabbing a handful of my patookis. Turned around to behold the same old Bob Marley who escaped Santa's sleigh. I calmly walked over to the phones that connected to the intercom and called a manager for assistance. He dropped what he was "shopping" for and ran out of the store faster than Sonic the Hedgehog ever could.
This guy had been giving me "bedroom eyes" since freshman year, but I didn't return the eye contact back and thought nothing of it, as I wasn't attracted..(he was very good looking but I wasn't attracted to him, I'm weird) At the end of my sophomore year, I was in the bathroom, washing my hands and out of the corner of my eye saw that he came out of the stall. I prentended to not notice him and finished washing my hands. As I'm drying them, I turn and bump into him. (I wonder if he was related to Nightcrawler) He says "Oops, excuse me" He then winked and leaned in to kiss me. I leaned back, recoiled, tried to scream, but a pathetic squeal came out and I ran out of the bathroom. After that, he avoided me at all costs.
I was walking on the campus green to get to the bookstore. I passed this girl and pretty flamboyant looking guy. The guy said "Damn! He is bangin!" ('Bangin' means hot, cute, attractive) I laughed as I found it funny, especially how he said it. I looked around for the guy, then realized that might look suspect and went on my way. I got to the bookstore and was looking for a book, I turned around and bumped...into the flamboyant guy. He dramatically "dropped" the book in his hand, bent down while turned to see my reaction. His butt wasn't bad. I don't have a problem with flamboyant guys and find them hilarious, but the fact that he followed me halfway across campus creeped me out. I put back the book in my hand and swiftly left the bookstore.

These were all in my uber shy, closeted days. Any funny, creepy or memorable stories you guys have to share?? Feel free to post wanted, unexpected comeons as well if you don't have any unwanted ones