Hey all, I am trying to get some feedback on this. It's a stop motion experiment I embarked on about 2 years ago. Since then I've been formulating the idea for a sequel of sorts, and the vision I have planned for it is really cool I think. It will involve an actual production, including budget, sets, action set pieces, an actual story, etc.

The only reasons I have been putting it off are financial and situational. Now that I fully expect being able the finance it myself, I was curious if I should go ahead with it. My only two concerns are that I don't have the space I would need to do it in my house, and copyright issues involved with using liscenced trademarked products (bionicles).

On the first issue I would ideally like to find a place where I can work in the wee hours of the night, at least the size of a large bedroom, and somewhat inexpensively. A traditional storage space probably wouldn't work since I don't think they have electric outlets and the majority of them aren't big enough.

On the second issue I figure I would create my own characters, though I would like them to have the design, flexibility and movement range of bionicles, so using clay would be out of the question.

Any help or suggestions about this would be great. Thanks!