Not generally applicable to me, but this would seem useful to a lot of people here - a site from Medicare:

Detailed information on over 4,700 hospitals across the nation is provided. You can find all the ones near you for comparison by entering your zip code or city name. Choose up to three hospitals to compare at once against quality measures such as how soon surgery patients received antibiotics, hospital mortality rates (rates of patients dying within 30 days of being admitted to the hospital, compared to the national average), and patient satisfaction survey results. All of this data helps you see how well patients are treated and whether the hospitals follow recommended health care procedures.

You can modify the results based on specific medical conditions, such as heart failure or diabetes, as well as surgical procedures. To more quickly compare the hospitals against each other and the national average, you can also view bar graphs of the data.

Many people simply choose the hospital closest to them or whichever their doctors are affiliated with. If you have several hospitals in your area or are looking for a hospital that can best treat a specific condition, go visit Hospital Care to make a more informed choice.