What's Obama got against the Lone Star State?

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    Jul 25, 2011 9:50 PM GMT
    They're embarrassing the Administration by creating jobs.


    New unemployment claims rose this past week and total unemployment across the nation edged upward to 9.2 percent. The national economy simply isn't growing anywhere near as fast as President Obama claimed it would when he and the Democratic 110th Congress pumped $859 billion worth of stimulus into it. Job creation has all but ground to a halt in recent months. If the country is not at the precipice of the second dip in a double-dip recession, it clearly is in a jobless recovery.

    The one bright spot in the national economic picture is Texas, which has an economy busting out all over with new jobs. Nearly half of the estimated quarter-million new jobs that have been created since February 2009 were created in Texas. But Obama seems determined to use suffocating bureaucracy to bring Texas down with the rest of the country.

    Consider the excessive delays imposed on the energy industry in the Gulf of Mexico by Obama's Department of the Interior in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy. Other states border the Gulf, of course, but the Gulf region's energy industry is centered in Texas, so when the federal government stops issuing drilling permits and promulgates costly new regulations on drilling in the Gulf, Texas suffers most. An econometric study released Friday by House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., describes the magnitude of the Obama administration's regulatory strangulation of the Gulf energy economy:

    "The Obama Administration has systematically blocked domestic energy production in the Gulf of Mexico, and today's report puts that action in stark terms. It documents a 250 percent increase in the deepwater exploration permit backlog with a decrease of nearly 80 percent for plan approvals and deepwater drilling. That means a loss of $9 billion in capital investment in 2011, along with a projected loss to the government of $25 billion in royalties and tax payments over the next three years, to say nothing of the tens of thousands of jobs lost."

    Also getting into Obama's anti-Texas act is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with its new Cross-State Air Pollution Rule. This rule is clearly designed to shut down coal-fired power plants in the nation's heartland. Because EPA is giving industry far too little time to adapt to the new rule, starting next year millions of people are going to have to make due with less electricity for air conditioning and heat. Lots of people will be put out of work as well.

    And elsewhere in today's edition of The Washington Examiner, Bryan Shaw, chairman of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, notes that EPA's own computer modeling showed his state does not contribute significantly to the emissions the rule seeks to reduce. But EPA officials refuse to explain why they insist on applying the new rule to Texas. At this rate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have to run for president as a matter of self-defense.
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    Jul 25, 2011 10:04 PM GMT
    Maybe Obama hates our two faced Governor Slick Rick- and his neverending quest for greed, $$, and power.

    Even Texas Republicans hate Slick Rick!


    "There's good news and there's bad news for Texas Governor Rick Perry. First the good: Two recent polls have the undeclared presidential candidate just a few points behind frontrunner Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination.

    Now, the bad: Perry, if he jumps into the race, comes to the table with a lot of baggage. Big, heavy suitcases like the kind your granddaddy kept in the attic. For example, Perry wanted Texas to secede from the Union, which makes one wonder why he would want to run for president of the United States rather than the Republic of Texas. He signed into law the Texas DREAM Act, which allows for in-state tuition for students at Texas colleges and universities regardless of their immigration status, and will likely draw the ire of anti-immigrant Republicans.

    His board of education has wiped away the civil rights movement and the achievements of blacks and Latinos from the history books. In addition, Perry cut primary and secondary education by $4 billion for the 2012-13 budget, which will likely minimize the Lone Star State's reputation as number one in job growth.

    This, as some critics are calling his so-called Texas miracle, with small government and the 49th lowest tax burden in America, a mirage. Texas rates dead last in the percentage of people over 25 with high school diplomas and pregnant women who receive prenatal care, but the state ranks first in pollution, uninsured children and executions.

    The governor even reportedly allowed the execution of an innocent man named Cameron Todd Willingham and tried to cover it up. Plus, Perry looks and sounds a lot like George W. Bush, and even served as then-Governor Bush's lieutenant governor. And no one is trying to have another Bush -- or facsimile thereof -- in the White House anytime soon."