I am currently making a video game for the android phone. It is a classic RPG based in a world of extreme prejudice and segregation. The heroes are forced to form a band, rise up and cause a revolution on the corrupt government, earning equality and accpetance for all walks of life.

You can check up on the characters and other things here;

One of the characters is gay, his name is Roland and here's his pic.


Roland was a test subject for the military. He has been given incredible power and strength but he had to lie about his sexual desires in order to fit in. He could not live the lie anymore and left to find a husband to settle down with and raises a family.

I need to make him more of a 3 dimentional character which is why I'm here. The more depth and the more real issue that he has to deal with through the game, the better.

So if you had a soap box and a captive audience, what would you like to say?