Coming Out to Everyone.

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    Aug 01, 2011 4:03 AM GMT
    Hello Everyone. So i live with an EXTREMELY conservative family. A family who are not a big fan of homosexuals & believe in every and all homosexual stereotypes. They tease famous homosexuals & believe that homosexuality is ungodly. They are bible-thumping liberals. & believe me, i am far from portraying what most would consider "gay-acting." I would love to come out to them without them doing something like kicking me out or hating me the rest of my life. I was just wondering if there were any "out" gays (feminine or not) who could help me with this dilemma.

    I also need help on how to come out to all my friends. One told me that he thought he was bi & i told him i thought i was too. then he wanted to "explore" with me(which is a totally different story. =/) But i wanted to come out to all the girls in my life. I think one actually has a crush on me & i don't want to hurt her. Any advice on coming out to my peers?

    Thank you to all who help me with this problem!
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    Aug 01, 2011 5:01 AM GMT
    Nobody can help you come out. You must do that on your own.
    However, I'll be more than happy to be part of the support group that keeps you in good spirits during the initial "WTF" stages. icon_biggrin.gif
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    Aug 01, 2011 5:27 PM GMT
    Hi there =) Acording to me, the most important thing is that you have confidance in that you can pull this off to tell your family/freinds. As i see it if you seek support to do this then come out to your freinds first. Tell somone you know you can trust. If they are true freinds they will stand behind you and support you al the way through this. Talk it al out with them/that one, tell ┬┤him/her how you feel. Theres nothing wussy or wrong with actually talking about feelings even though we guys have a tendency to want to be be masculine and tough, this i consider very important.

    From my experience Girls have a much easier time accepting Gay Men than straight guys. Ofcourse this differs from person to person depending on how they feel about the whole gay thing in general.

    Your not alone with this problem, about al Gay guys experience some difficoulties to come out in some way. But be so sure if you want then theres many who can support you.

    I hope it helped and if you want to ask somethting more then just Email me. =)