Recently made an A4A account...

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    Aug 04, 2011 9:52 PM GMT
    ...and today I deleted it. I made one out of curiosity (who wouldn't be a little curious?) and I was trying to give it a shot, despite the reputation it has. icon_smile.gif I, er, was quickly turned off... I think every single profile I looked at mentioned that they were looking for sex. Also I got swamped with messages, a lot of them directly asking about a hook-up. >__> The funny thing is that I had one sentence in my profile, and I didn't even have any pictures up.

    RealJock might have its smuttiness here and there but it's leagues apart from A4A...

    Personal A4A thoughts? Stories?
  • FriscoJansen

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    Aug 04, 2011 10:08 PM GMT
    Adam can be a good outlet for other expectations besides sex. There are people behind those profiles. If you take a chance who knows what may happen. Simply state what you want and use the site to chat first. I met my ex on there so you just have to filter out the bad people. Everytime I logged in I was ecstatic to find him online and everything else just fell away. Something just drew me to him
    and I knew I wanted/was going to be with him. After a few months of chatting we met then became exclusive after a while. He moved for work though.

    Also here it does seem most are looking for friends in my area as well and not one nighters.