Israel's effective MODUS OPERANDI (MO) toward the Palestinians has been "THE BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL YOUR MORAL (actions/reactions) IMPROVES"

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    Aug 15, 2011 4:56 PM GMT
    Over the course of decades the Israeli's have commited many an atrocity toward the Palestinians in their quest to expand their borders and settlements, the Israeli's in turn add walls and fences, tearing down homes, destroying farms and Olive groves to add to their buffer zones to protect that stolen land and the added settlements. Along with those zones the Israeli's by snipers or the IDF add to the killings of those Palestinians who try to protect their homes and land, many a child has been shot through the head because they came to close to those zones.

    These acts always are followed by Israeli cover ups and then if any retaliation takes place by a Palestinian who has lost Home, land, friend, family or their child in the process, then there is always a front page story about how Israeli's are being victimized by the terroist Palestinians, which is a direct lie. In the US AIPAC takes on the job of keeping the lid on Israel's actions from being printed, and loud front page proclamations about any Palestinian retaliatory actions, which are always labeled as the initiator of the problems then when Israel uses such actions to initiate their military 'overkill', they lay claim to Israel's right to protect itself.

    This topic is to make the reader aware of Palestinians desperate situation, the unfairness with which they are being treated and to expose previous, recent and current actions of Israel, that are covered up to keep Israel in a good light before the American public so their military handouts and 2.3 Billion US aid will continue to flow. The shame of it is, that the aid makes we the tax payers complicit in these atrocities. It takes a lot of Israeli "CHUTZPAH" to pull this off and the same goes for the apologists to continue to defend such actions.

    How would you react if you were in such a corner as what Israel has put the Palestinians ? How would you react to a persecuter whose actions effectively tell you "THE BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL YOUR MORAL IMPROVES"? If your child were just shot through the head by a sniper, would your "moral" improve? What would your reaction be when added to this attrocity lies are told to cover the act up?
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    Aug 17, 2011 9:15 PM GMT
    Lets start with the early 2000's :

    House Demolitions

    "During 2004, the Israeli army demolished 1538 homes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including many multi storied apartment buildings, leaving 11,500 Palestinians homeless.

    According to the B'tselem report the number of Palestinian homes destroyed since Sept. 2000 reached 4100, rendering more than 28,000 Palestinians homeless.

    Palestinian sources put the number of demolished homes at 9000.

    In addition, it is believed the Israeli army has uprooted more than 1.3 million trees, mainly olive trees, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, either as a reprisal against a resisitance attack or to clear the land for the so called separation wall, the gigantic part wall part fence structure Israel has been erecting in the West Bank.

    The israeli army also seized hundreds of Kilometers of land owned mainly by Palestianian farmers, apparently for the purpose of using it for the future expansion of Jewish only settlements in the occupied territory.

    Finally, in the course of the 52, month intifada, the Israeli army has arrested as many as 40,000 Palestinians or 1.5% of all Palestinians in the occupied territories.

    Currently, Israel is detaining between 7500 and 8,000 Palestinians, many of them professioinals, students and community leaders.

    About 1000Palestinians are held indefinitely, without charge or trial, ostensibly as a punishment for their anti israeli views or their ideological orientation.

    Taken from Aljazeera, archive, titled 2004: Hundreds die at Israel's hand. (numbers imprisoned are subject to change at any time, since any problem brings about many more imprisoned without being given a reason and are sometimes kept indefinately with no reason given, A REAL DEMOCRATIC PRACTICE)

    Imagine living in such conditions and not retaliating, not having an adverse opinion of Israeli actions, but being subject to arrest for your opinion or 'just because' ?


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    Aug 18, 2011 9:36 PM GMT
    This Re: the UK Border Agency (UKBA) the agency gave a written warning of a ban to an extremist Israeli Settler named Rabbi Yosef Elitzur, who has incited the murder of non-jews, including civilians and children. Elitzur author of the book "The king's Torah was published 2009, openly given credit for the book is a a Jewish religious school in Yitzhar an Israeli settlement near the Palstinian city of Nablus in the Occupied west Bank, they list Elitzur as the author, along with Yitzhak Shapira

    According to a jewish site "the Voic of the Jews website on Wedneday (aug 10, 3011) It said Elitzur fell foul of UK policy against "Unacceptable Behavior", and gave examples including the justification of "terrorist violence":. the UKBA issued written notice that "Elitzur should be excluded from the UK on the grounds that your presence here would not be conducive to the public good".

    The notice goes on to specify Elitzur's beliefs from his book that "Jewish religious law supposedly permits the killing of non-Jews and advocates Jewish discrimination against Gentiles," Further According to the letter, the book further states: "Anywhere where the presence of a gentile poses a thrat to Israel, it is permissible to kill him, even if it is a righteous gentile who is not reponsible for the threatening situation."

    Rabbi Elitzer involved in Settler revolt

    "As a settler leader, Elitzur has been at odds with the Israeli state, mainly on the basis that jewish settlers should have an even freer hand to colonize the West Bank, In 2009 he was involved in what Israeli Journalist Did Remez described as a Settler rebellion against the so called settlment freeze.

    Rabbi Elitzur, detailed plans for how to thwart the Israeli army and Police: When in every settlement a police patrol car becomes an unwanted presence, and administration inspectors understand they have 10 minutes to run away before their tires are punctured, the governments ability to enforce its decrees will drop sharply"

    Rabbi Elitzur was arrested by the Israeli Police temporarily in 2010 over his book, but apparently released.

    Elitzurs illegal settlement Yitzhar and its Yeshiva (rligious school) are notorious for hosting "a small army of fanatics who are eager to lash out at the Palestinians tending to their crops and livestock in the valleys below them." The settlement also has apparent links to alleged Jewish terrorist Jack Teitel, and was apparently the launching base for 2008 attacks on the Palestinian Village of Burin using homemade rockets. (this taken from an article, "How to kill Goyim (non jews who are supposedly subservient to Jews) and influence people: Israeli Rabbis Defend Books Shocking Religious Defense of Killing Non Jews"

    Despite these issues having to do with Rabbi Elitzur, his book and and his association with groups plaguing Palestinians, "the Case seems to have been quietly dropped since them"

    Now Imagine being a Palestinian in the neighboorhood of these fanatic settlers and if you retaliate in any way to protect your farm, livestock or home, the Israeli Police more than likely arrest you for an indefinate time because you have views against the Israeli's. But this fanatic instigator is free to spread his hate and racism against the Palestinians in his sites around the Illegal settlement.

    But Palestinians, Calm down, don't retaliate or take your 'part' in protecting yourself and your property, because if you do >>> The beatings/retrubution/jailing will continue untill your attitude/moral/actions or reactions improve.

    Imagine dealing with that everyday. Hell of a Democrasy this Israeli settup eh !!!!
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    Aug 19, 2011 3:22 PM GMT
    After years of the Occupation and of the Palestinians being forced out of their homes, off their lands and farms, or having to stand by while their old family owned Olive groves were pushed over by Israeli's using 'American made' Katapiller bulldozers, tensions had risen to a peak. The year was late 1987. an Israeli army truck ran into a group of Palestinians near the Jabalya refugee camp in the Gaza strip, suspicions among the Palestinians were that the traffic collision had not been an accident. During this same time period "there had been recent increase in pressure by Jewish militants to take over Islam's third holiest site, the Haram al Sharif, the revered temple Mount to Jews, in Arab East Jerusalem." With these matters in the background, the day after this Israeli army truck event, Palestinians throughout the territories exploded with pent up rage.

    "Daily, the riots escalated throughout the territories, and were particularly severe in the Gaza Strip, --- There soon could be no doubt that what was happening was a national uprising against a colonial power that had been subjugating Palestinians by military occupation since 1967."

    "The televised beatings and killings of unarmed Palestinians by Israeli troops heavily equipped with the US weapons brought protests world wide."

    "The UN Security Council dec. 21voted 14-0-1 to "strongly deplore (Israel's) policies and practices which violate the human rights of the Palestinian People in the occupied territories." The US was the lone abstainer. It was the 58th time the security Council had passed a resolution critical of Israel since 1948." "the UN action brought immediate criticism from Israel's US supporters," Jack Kemp R-New York, said the UN was "picking on Israel". Yet the Reagan Administration did "scold Israel for its "harsh security measures and excessive use of live ammunition."

    "Despite the White House criticism, congress ( just a few days later) Passed provisions that expanded US aid to Israel by agreeing to refinance Israel 9 billion debt to reduce its interest rates.--- In addition, Israel was granted its traditional 3billion in economic and military aid, allowed to use 150 million of its miltary aid on an advanced aircraft research program, and to use another 400million of its military aid for defense procurements in Israel, an additional 5 million for US /Israel cooperative aid and 25 million for refugee resettlement."

    "it was as though Congress was rewarding Israel for its cruel treatment of the Palestinians, that apparently was how Israel's Likud Government saw it. Its response to international criticism was to impose a new "iron fist" policy on Dec23, this meant manhandling and arresting Palestinians en masse."

    "Under the tougher new policy, Israeli troops broke into homes, smashed furniture, hit women with rifle butts and dragged off suspects.-- widespread violent protests against Israeli occupation, -- There were also severe and indiscriminate beatings of demonstrators, and hundreds were tried and imprisoned, there was an increase in reports of Ill treatment and torture of detainess by members of the Israel Defense Force, Political activiests, including prisoners of conscience, continued to be administratively detained or restricted to towns or villages or imprisoned in violation of their right to freedome of expression."

    "Israeli Defense Minister Rabin on Jan, 19 announced a new policy of "BROKEN BONES." He said Israel wouls use "force, power and blows" to suppress the Palestinian intifada, He added: "the goal is to act against violence with punches and blows and not live ammunition." Very soon 197 Palestinians had been treated in the Gaza Strip for fractures as a result of beatings in the three days following Rabin's announcement."

    "an UNRWA official in the Gaza Strip, acting director Angela Williams, said: "we are deeply shocked by the evidence of the brutality with which people are evedently being beaten. We are espceially shocked by the beatings of old men and women." The state Dept said on Jan 21 that it was 'disturbed" by the new Policy."

    More to come !!!! Imagine this happening in your neighborhood and consider whether or not you would retaliate even more being subjected to these 'occupiers'.

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    Aug 22, 2011 2:57 AM GMT
    "Such complaints had no outward effect on Israel. It continued its brutal tactics, often caught in the glare of world television. In Turn, however, the Palestinians, the "children of the stones," as they becam called, continued their struggle, .... The fact is Israel was receiving INFLUENTIAL ADVICE TO CONTINUE ITS CRUEL SUPPRESSION ......HENRY KISSINGER, THE FORMER US SECRETARY OF STATE, HAD URGED AT A SMAL PRIVATE MEETING OF JEWISH LEADERS ..... THAT ISRAEL BAR NEWSMEN FROM THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES AND USE FORCE TO END THE UPRISING QUICKLY."

    Should anyone wonder why the Palestinians and the whole of the Middle East doesn't see the US as an honest and fair broker of peace ? Kissinger's advice got even 'meaner' then "KISSINGER LATER DENIED HE MADE THE REMARKS, SAYING THEY WERE A "GROSS DISTORTION OF THE TRUTH"

    All of this is but the tip of the Iceburg of what the Israeli's have done against the Palestinians, desperately trying to keep it hidden with the help of Zionist Propaganda and AIPAC's influence in the US to keep these stories out of media print and off the TV screens. But if any retaliation came from a Palestinians, the stories have been printed immediately then repeated time and again so Israel appears to be the Victim, then they put out requests for donations based on whatever latest event they can trump up against the Palestinians. Often repeating the lie that Israel only reacts to Palestinian Aggressions.