Hey Guys,

So I've just started the DUKAN Diet a week ago. The reasons I picked it were because it's a protein based diet with no 'limit' to how much you can eat. I'm trying to cut down, lean up, tone up, lose fat... whatever you want to call it. I was my damn 6-pack!! icon_razz.gif

Anyway, the first week went great, no loss of strength of energy and dropped 8 pounds... I definitely LOOK leaner, but like I said, haven't dropped any strength in my workouts etc.. and don't feel like the muscle I have already has decreased at all.

Just wondering if anybody else out there has experience with it, their thoughts, results, etc... Obviously I don't have a lot to lose really, I'm certainly not Obese.. just wondering if there are guys in my category who have tried it out themselves? Or anybody for that matter!