Good day Real Jockers, and those who admire them (drool...),

It's that time of year, particularly in Portland OR for our AIDS walk. And I thought what better way to reach out for people to help me help others would be on Realjock since most of us probably has a friend/ loved one with HIV/AIDS. And I don't know about you, but I for sure and willing to donate a few bucks to help them. Here is the link to my page:

But to go a step further I thought, we should take it an extra step and mention people whom you would donate and/or walk for.

The three main people in my life that I walk and donate money for are...

My ex-bf Richard who is still one of my best friends and seems to always find time to hang out and tell his trucker stories when he is in town.

My Outrigger Canoe mate Doug who always makes me laugh, and always pushing me on the water even when I am straight up tired!!!

And finally my Uncle Jake, who even though his life was taken due to AIDS still holds a big space in my heart and who was a big role model in my life growing up, so the least I can do for him is to help try and defeat this virus.

Anyway, those are my motives, so what are yours?